My name is Hector Virgilio Barrientos-Bullock, and I have been a dharma practicing Karma Kagyu Lineage Buddhist for over 24 years.

This blog is dedicated to the exposure and education of spiritual materialism / spiritual narcissism, how it appeals to the “Id” ego construct, and how damaging it has become to society as a whole.

It will reference very personal examples, as well as examples in mainstream media, social “consciousness”, and how we interact with one another in a constant state of schadenfreude.

You will see how Spiritual Narcissism / Spiritual materialism can be placed side by side with the DSMV, the traits being taught to be aspired to also being the symptoms of Cluster B and parts of Cluster C personality disorders.

You will see manipulation, abuse, lying, cyber bullying, and outright sociopathy,  all in the name of finding “my truth”  & “follow your bliss”, as they say.

It is meant to be educational, and will rarely be the “feel good” narcissism of feelings (Ken Wilber – “Boomeritis”) that has become corrosively rampant within humanity as of the last 30 years.

These examples are of a personal nature, showing how Yoga, Westernized Buddhism, and and “feel good” self help spirituality, and, yes, even the media, have effectively regressed our species back to a selfishly child like state.

We also accept submissions from others, if they also have experiences to share.
The narcissist relies upon secrecy, privacy, and for us to just “let it go”, to never be accountable for their abuses toward us.
Share your experiences, tell the world, NAME NAMES.

Hopefully many will be able to identify, due to the examples provided, these same instances in their lives.

I hope many benefit from my experience.

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    • There is much more than the lack of empathy, however lack of empathy is the single defining feature of a pathological cluster b personality.
      Many people have narcissistic traits, however, to be a true cluster b, of which narcissism is part of that spectrum, a complete lack of empathy is always evident.


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      • Thanks Hector, I’m really glad I could be of any help, to be honest!

        And, as always, do let me know if you by any chance stumble upon any problems or if you have any kind of questions — I’ll gladly help! Take care & have a nice rest of the day!



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