“That never happened, because I said so!”

“You have a lot YOU need to make up for”

That’s what the psychologist, that Ania had chosen, said…..TO ANIA.

I don’t know why she had scheduled the appointment. I can only assume she thought it would result in me being painted as intolerant, or some other form of oppressive.

But the Therapist asked me first what I thought was wrong, and I unloaded.

Remember when I was fixing the car, and Ania, who’s white, blonde haired, blue eyed, and Polish, said the one thing you should never say to ANYONE who’s black?

Yeah, I told the therapist about that.

And that is what prompted the therapist to turn to Ania Ziolkowska, and say:

“YOU have a lot YOU need to make up for”

And her voice was stern. Very Stern.

For some reason, after that, I wasn’t allowed to go to to following sessions.

Actually, I know the reason. The following sessions were Ania trying to convince the counselor she wasn’t the person I had described. I am pretty sure the therapist never fell for it.

What I was TOLD was the reason, though, was that the therapist had said I didn’t need to go to anymore sessions.

In other words, Ania lied. A habit she never broke.

The thing is, that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part, what I began to notice, is something I noticed then, when the incident happened, but didn’t register.

Ania never apologized.

Ania had to be TOLD to apologize.

Ania never apologized for any abuse, ever.

But, you guessed it. It got worse.

See, after the therapist incident, she would keep saying the therapist had never said that.

Any time I had no choice but to bring it up, because Ania would never apologize, for anything, she would always say:

“She never said that.”

Matter of factly, as though I had not been there and heard the therapist, watched the therapist, saying it, myself.

It took years to finally get from Ania, and I mean over 8 years:

“She might have said that, but that’s not what she meant!”

This wasn’t the only time Ania had tried to gaslight me, to try to convince me something I had witnessed and experienced never happened.

That, building up, over years, was my breaking point.

And now that brings us to what happened yesterday, July 28th, 2020.

Of course, they’ll say it’s false, right?

We all know that social media practices the ultimate form of gaslighting, via censorship. We have seen it increasingly these last few years.

All of social media has become “The Thought Police”, and only those that fall for their mantra, the carelessly programmed non player characters, follow their instructions.

People like Greg, here, who demonstrates how willingly he follows the subroutines scripted into his lack of real personality

Greg is an obedient little NPC. I can see how Ania was able to fool him. Wrapped around her finger.

Now, I will admit that President Trump has recently expressed support for masks, though the NPCs will never understand his gambit in doing so:

But this latest episode of political theater, well, this takes the cake.

Yesterday, medical professionals, actual doctors, appeared on the hill, to give their experiences treating the “epidemic” known as COVID.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all the social medias have deleted this video
Ask yourself why

The purpose of their appearing, was to combat the misinformation campaign that has been spread by the legacy mainstream media, continuing a “Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt” operation on the masses.

They Think we’re stupid, like Greg

Of course, it only works on the self obsessed, like Greg, here, but they’re convinced it’s working, which is why they keep doing it.

Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, how the democrats are, is nothing new to me.

In my case, Ania Ziolkowska was the abusive one, but you get my point

That was ten years with Ania Ziolkowska. That questioning from Shelia Jackson Lee, the attempts at gotchas, the gaslighting, the telling you that no matter what you can see with your eyes, it’s not real, because they say it’s not real, and even the attempts at destroying anything that destroys their narrative (like deleting the press conference of the doctors from all social media), are all abuses I experienced under Ania.

That’s why it doesn’t work on me.

Ania is a sociopath.

Greg, though, is someone she can mold, into what she wanted, playable, a narcissist she can push further toward narcissism, just as the dems push their acolytes further into that abyss.

This is also how the dems have been able to keep a violent vocal minority, that they Spotlight, to fool you into believing they are the majority (This is only prevalent in metropolitan areas, though.)

It’s like pushing Anakin Skywalker to the dark side.

I swear, when I watched that movie, I was like “It’s that easy? I’m gonna push people to the dark side all day long.”

Greg and the Dems prove, that yes, it’s that easy.

I mean, do you have any idea how many people support the removal of the video of the doctors, real doctors, telling us hydroxy chloroquine and a Z pack cure COVID, from social media?

Thank god for the silent majority.

Okay, this is meandering, because it’s late, and once again not representative of my best work, but I wanted to get something out, while this was fresh.

I may add more to it, but I still have the Wayfair Child Trafficking article to finish, and we’re also gong to address Greg’s false belief that just because he goes to Vipassana, he’s suddenly Buddhist.

Vipassana had nothing to do with the Buddha, kid.

This will be fun.

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