Lot’s of Developments

I keep wanting to get back to this, and many distractions keep popping up.
For this, I apologize.
There’s many entries, on the horizon, such as how Chris Exeris / Chris Sevanick manipulates with compliments, how Ania Anicca / Ania Ziolkowska has no personality of her own, only those she steals from her duped mates, and those she knows, even how both have been nothing but pawns for Eva Annika Backstrom, and Uzi Grindler.

And it would not be complete without showing the utter lack of passion Chris Exeris has for what he has claimed as his profession, and merely does it for the attention he assumed it would gain him.

All of these instances are to illustrate how narcissists function in every day life, and how they deserve none of our pity, though they would like you to believe otherwise.

We’re even working on a youtube channel, to increase our reach, and provide a format of education for everyone.

And, I also need to create a page for my photographs at Movement Electronic Music Festival 2014, in Detroit, in these past few weeks.

I promise that all of this is coming, but to know at least ONE of the things that has consumed my time in these last few weeks, I will leave you with this:

It’s a project I was working on.
It took three days to complete, and is entered in a competition.
Stop by, have a listen, and even leave a comment, if you like it.

I will get back to the blog, as soon as there is some order to this disorder. Until then, happy listening!!!


Explanations & Revelations

Apologies to all who have wondered where my posts have been, as I know I have promised that I would be back on track

It’s been a busy week

Mostly, I’ll let the accompanying video begin to explain what has become a culmination of explanations and discoveries, or serendipity, all unfolded this past weekend.
For our two friends in Poland, whom check this blog at least twice a week……………

I don't think they understand that nothing I do is what is affecting their lack of "success".......

I don’t think they understand that nothing I do is what is affecting their lack of “success”…….

………………………..It’s probably best you understand that nothing I do has any affect on your success, or lack there of.

However, I do have an interesting surprise for all parties involved, as well as the learning of some interesting revelations, such as the classic narcissistic dumping of anyone not able to be swayed to their side, which we saw the effort to do, back in one of our first posts.

So, for the two of you, and all interested in what the delays to new posts may have been, I will provide a snapshot of what my last two weeks have been in preparation toward.

Be patient, and wait till the end.
All will be revealed then.
It’s only three minutes, after all.

And to everyone else, I will be striving to get back on track, in the NEW format, as soon as possible, right after I work on a track I am producing, and process the thousand pics I took at the Movement Electronic Music Festival 2014 in Photoshop.

Until then………..


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The truth hurts

We usually avoid any type of political post, however, we find this to be very important to EVERYONE in the world, and, in a way, if we think of a sociopathic entity, without empathy for others in any way, it still lends itself to our mission, which is to illustrate in all ways possible how we have normalized Sociopathy and Narcissism within modern humanity.

We feel it’s worth the 23 minutes to watch this video.

Spiritual Narcissism

This blog is dedicated to the exposure and education of spiritual materialism / spiritual narcissism, how it appeals to the “Id” ego construct, and how damaging it has become to society as a whole.

It will reference very personal examples, as well as examples in mainstream media, social “consciousness”, and how we interact with one another in a constant state of schadenfreude.

It is meant to be educational, and will rarely be the “feel good” narcissism of feelings (Ken Wilber – “Boomeritis”) that has become corrosively rampant within humanity as of the last 30 years.

I hope many benefit from my experience.