It’s Time (it’s been a long time)

This has been a long time in coming.

Truth be told, my previous articles were very haphazard, processing out the damage done by a narcissist I had wasted 10 years, 10 of what were supposed to be my best years, STOLEN, by her.

And, every day, I kept telling myself I would get back to this, and have allowed my new job of the past two and a half years, and other pursuits (actually learning how to make music, and not trolling someone, who, absolutely at the time, deserved it.)

What I had wanted to do, was to show how my experiences from then, having dealt with narcissists, translates to the current social political climate.

And I will.

Believe me, I will.

The new guy the (now ex) wife got with, who works in media (I guess we get to learn how dirty HIS hands are), has turned out to be a liberal NPC (not surprised. She learned she can’t be with anyone intelligent, and even a mildly autistic man admitted to me he stopped having sex with her and waited for her to leave. She also learned that older men definitely will not put up with her, without her making some changes), so we will have the material to work with, guaranteed.

However, what drove me to do this, finally, besides being ill, and working from home, was a psychological cyber attack that was directed at me. I know who did it, I know why, and I know she sent him after me, and it as accomplished the exact opposite of what was intended.

As we go through this, let us first understand how defamation of character works.


As in how Ania Ziolkowska would spread lies about me to look better herself.

It’s been argued that I have committed defamation of character in my previous articles, however just as Podesta won’t address Pedogate, and Hillary Clinton will always deflect, if it ever went to court, it would be learned I am telling the truth.

I don’t traffic in lies.

Unlike Amber Heard, umm, I mean my ex wife, Ania Ziolkowksa.

Of course she wants to move on, BECAUSE SHE LIED

Of course, this is also why Ania Ziolkowska worked HARD to keep from facing me in court for a divorce case.

As for the new guy, I actually did what I thought was the right thing, and tried to warn him about her.

The warning I never got, the warning Charles and Chris never got (Chris deserved what happened to him, though)

And his response was to be expected, though also extremely childish. I expected him to block me, fine, but then traveling all the way to D.C. to take pics at the Native American History museum?

That was childish.

So, I won’t go after his band (you’re 39, guy, and rock is dead. it’s a little late to be still trying, at this point. Hence why I went into production – I’m actually getting quite good at it, but keeping my productions private, until they’re ready for release – which I could do till I’m 80), because he doesn’t need the publicity.

I won’t go after his video business, because that’s clearly not going anywhere, either.

I will only use him as an example of how lacking in intelligence, empathy, and mired in groupthink the left is.

Its sad, actually, to see someone you were in love with, someone you had thought was different, to have fallen so far.

It’s like Stephen King’s “The Stand”, and she chose the side that went to Vegas, riding that nuclear bomb until it detonates.

Meanwhile, I see that the new guy, Greg, is completely behind Black Lives Matters, an organization I have never supported, and anti President Trump, but the Wayfair child trafficking scandal has been trending for two days, and he’s not said one thing about that.

Unironically, the same people that fund Black Lives Matters also Funds Wayfair

And, of course, Wayfair is attached to Ghislaine Maxwell

But he doesn’t even see the racism in this post whatsoever

The Ghanaians were the original African slave traders.

Even posting this as a joke, it’s the equivalent of Ania calling her black, Latino, Cherokee husband a nigger.

That’s enough for today, but it was good to work on my writing style, get the cobwebs off.

There’s so much to write about, and I have to be sure to do so in a manner appealing to the audience.

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