Empathy and Lying

This example is fraught with hilarity in it’s morbidity.Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 4.27.11 PM

One must ask, when one has full knowledge of the abuses that one’s wife has put someone through, the constant unprovoked physical attacks, the racial slurs (Ania Ziolkowska is white and Polish, and I am black by appearance, but Ania would call me an “Ignorant ass nigger” out of anger, unprovoked, never an apology), the public humiliations in front of mutual friends, a decade of hurt, tolerated for “love”…..

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Chris Exeris, Chris Sevanick, Sociopath


This is a perfect example of both the cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy present in the modern New Age Yoga and Spirituality movement.

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There is a game of play – acting, showing one side but actually living another.

Ania lied her way to Poland, then India (emails from Ania to me are to follow) claiming to be learning to be a better wife, while pregnant with our child.

Ania then silently returned to the United States, visibly obvious that she has gone from her Zero size to a losing baby weight size, and promptly got into a relationship that would gain her status.

But where is the child?

Where is MY child?

What empathy is there in THAT?

I’ve come to understand that New Age and yoga followers do not actually understand the meaning of the word.

And that, among so many other fallacies, is where we have walked all over the traditions we claim to live and follow.

What we practice is NOT what the original vedantas state, the Yama’s and Niyama’s.

There is no “Right Speech” or “Right Action” in acts such as that.Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 4.37.44 PM

And yet we will find ways, with silver tongues, to explain away our transgressions, vainly and narcissistically, while having no tolerance for the transgressions of others.


Sadly hilarious.
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Update –

It seems that Ania Ziolkowska is now publicly advertising her adulterous relationship status.
Let us not forget that, with no finalized divorce on record, this is still, in fact, ADULTERY.
(Poor little fool refuses to live in reality…..)

Ania Ziolkowska is advertising her adulterous relationship status

Ania Ziolkowska is advertising her adulterous relationship status

Of course she’s probably doing this so that people she meets in Poland and wherever will think she’s “famous” because she’s dating a celebrity……laughable at the “celebrity” status, but…..small minds…….

Conversely, Chris Sevanick (Chris Exeris) does NOT publicly advertise their relationship status to anyone except “friends” (people he poaches for his “narcissistic supply”)

Chris Exeris / Chris Sevanick doesn't publicly advertise he's in an adulterous relationship with Ania Ziolkowska

Chris Exeris / Chris Sevanick doesn’t publicly advertise he’s in an adulterous relationship with Ania Ziolkowska

Though this is entirely conjecture, we can only believe that this signifies trouble in paradise, if Chris has demanded that she make this “Public”.
Only time will tell.


Spiritual Narcissism

This blog is dedicated to the exposure and education of spiritual materialism / spiritual narcissism, how it appeals to the “Id” ego construct, and how damaging it has become to society as a whole.

It will reference very personal examples, as well as examples in mainstream media, social “consciousness”, and how we interact with one another in a constant state of schadenfreude.

It is meant to be educational, and will rarely be the “feel good” narcissism of feelings (Ken Wilber – “Boomeritis”) that has become corrosively rampant within humanity as of the last 30 years.

I hope many benefit from my experience.