“That never happened, because I said so!”

“You have a lot YOU need to make up for”

That’s what the psychologist, that Ania had chosen, said…..TO ANIA.

I don’t know why she had scheduled the appointment. I can only assume she thought it would result in me being painted as intolerant, or some other form of oppressive.

But the Therapist asked me first what I thought was wrong, and I unloaded.

Remember when I was fixing the car, and Ania, who’s white, blonde haired, blue eyed, and Polish, said the one thing you should never say to ANYONE who’s black?

Yeah, I told the therapist about that.

And that is what prompted the therapist to turn to Ania Ziolkowska, and say:

“YOU have a lot YOU need to make up for”

And her voice was stern. Very Stern.

For some reason, after that, I wasn’t allowed to go to to following sessions.

Actually, I know the reason. The following sessions were Ania trying to convince the counselor she wasn’t the person I had described. I am pretty sure the therapist never fell for it.

What I was TOLD was the reason, though, was that the therapist had said I didn’t need to go to anymore sessions.

In other words, Ania lied. A habit she never broke.

The thing is, that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part, what I began to notice, is something I noticed then, when the incident happened, but didn’t register.

Ania never apologized.

Ania had to be TOLD to apologize.

Ania never apologized for any abuse, ever.

But, you guessed it. It got worse.

See, after the therapist incident, she would keep saying the therapist had never said that.

Any time I had no choice but to bring it up, because Ania would never apologize, for anything, she would always say:

“She never said that.”

Matter of factly, as though I had not been there and heard the therapist, watched the therapist, saying it, myself.

It took years to finally get from Ania, and I mean over 8 years:

“She might have said that, but that’s not what she meant!”

This wasn’t the only time Ania had tried to gaslight me, to try to convince me something I had witnessed and experienced never happened.

That, building up, over years, was my breaking point.

And now that brings us to what happened yesterday, July 28th, 2020.

Of course, they’ll say it’s false, right?

We all know that social media practices the ultimate form of gaslighting, via censorship. We have seen it increasingly these last few years.

All of social media has become “The Thought Police”, and only those that fall for their mantra, the carelessly programmed non player characters, follow their instructions.

People like Greg, here, who demonstrates how willingly he follows the subroutines scripted into his lack of real personality

Greg is an obedient little NPC. I can see how Ania was able to fool him. Wrapped around her finger.

Now, I will admit that President Trump has recently expressed support for masks, though the NPCs will never understand his gambit in doing so:

But this latest episode of political theater, well, this takes the cake.

Yesterday, medical professionals, actual doctors, appeared on the hill, to give their experiences treating the “epidemic” known as COVID.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all the social medias have deleted this video
Ask yourself why

The purpose of their appearing, was to combat the misinformation campaign that has been spread by the legacy mainstream media, continuing a “Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt” operation on the masses.

They Think we’re stupid, like Greg

Of course, it only works on the self obsessed, like Greg, here, but they’re convinced it’s working, which is why they keep doing it.

Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, how the democrats are, is nothing new to me.

In my case, Ania Ziolkowska was the abusive one, but you get my point

That was ten years with Ania Ziolkowska. That questioning from Shelia Jackson Lee, the attempts at gotchas, the gaslighting, the telling you that no matter what you can see with your eyes, it’s not real, because they say it’s not real, and even the attempts at destroying anything that destroys their narrative (like deleting the press conference of the doctors from all social media), are all abuses I experienced under Ania.

That’s why it doesn’t work on me.

Ania is a sociopath.

Greg, though, is someone she can mold, into what she wanted, playable, a narcissist she can push further toward narcissism, just as the dems push their acolytes further into that abyss.

This is also how the dems have been able to keep a violent vocal minority, that they Spotlight, to fool you into believing they are the majority (This is only prevalent in metropolitan areas, though.)

It’s like pushing Anakin Skywalker to the dark side.

I swear, when I watched that movie, I was like “It’s that easy? I’m gonna push people to the dark side all day long.”

Greg and the Dems prove, that yes, it’s that easy.

I mean, do you have any idea how many people support the removal of the video of the doctors, real doctors, telling us hydroxy chloroquine and a Z pack cure COVID, from social media?

Thank god for the silent majority.

Okay, this is meandering, because it’s late, and once again not representative of my best work, but I wanted to get something out, while this was fresh.

I may add more to it, but I still have the Wayfair Child Trafficking article to finish, and we’re also gong to address Greg’s false belief that just because he goes to Vipassana, he’s suddenly Buddhist.

Vipassana had nothing to do with the Buddha, kid.

This will be fun.

It’s Time (it’s been a long time)

This has been a long time in coming.

Truth be told, my previous articles were very haphazard, processing out the damage done by a narcissist I had wasted 10 years, 10 of what were supposed to be my best years, STOLEN, by her.

And, every day, I kept telling myself I would get back to this, and have allowed my new job of the past two and a half years, and other pursuits (actually learning how to make music, and not trolling someone, who, absolutely at the time, deserved it.)

What I had wanted to do, was to show how my experiences from then, having dealt with narcissists, translates to the current social political climate.

And I will.

Believe me, I will.

The new guy the (now ex) wife got with, who works in media (I guess we get to learn how dirty HIS hands are), has turned out to be a liberal NPC (not surprised. She learned she can’t be with anyone intelligent, and even a mildly autistic man admitted to me he stopped having sex with her and waited for her to leave. She also learned that older men definitely will not put up with her, without her making some changes), so we will have the material to work with, guaranteed.

However, what drove me to do this, finally, besides being ill, and working from home, was a psychological cyber attack that was directed at me. I know who did it, I know why, and I know she sent him after me, and it as accomplished the exact opposite of what was intended.

As we go through this, let us first understand how defamation of character works.


As in how Ania Ziolkowska would spread lies about me to look better herself.

It’s been argued that I have committed defamation of character in my previous articles, however just as Podesta won’t address Pedogate, and Hillary Clinton will always deflect, if it ever went to court, it would be learned I am telling the truth.

I don’t traffic in lies.

Unlike Amber Heard, umm, I mean my ex wife, Ania Ziolkowksa.

Of course she wants to move on, BECAUSE SHE LIED

Of course, this is also why Ania Ziolkowska worked HARD to keep from facing me in court for a divorce case.

As for the new guy, I actually did what I thought was the right thing, and tried to warn him about her.

The warning I never got, the warning Charles and Chris never got (Chris deserved what happened to him, though)

And his response was to be expected, though also extremely childish. I expected him to block me, fine, but then traveling all the way to D.C. to take pics at the Native American History museum?

That was childish.

So, I won’t go after his band (you’re 39, guy, and rock is dead. it’s a little late to be still trying, at this point. Hence why I went into production – I’m actually getting quite good at it, but keeping my productions private, until they’re ready for release – which I could do till I’m 80), because he doesn’t need the publicity.

I won’t go after his video business, because that’s clearly not going anywhere, either.

I will only use him as an example of how lacking in intelligence, empathy, and mired in groupthink the left is.

Its sad, actually, to see someone you were in love with, someone you had thought was different, to have fallen so far.

It’s like Stephen King’s “The Stand”, and she chose the side that went to Vegas, riding that nuclear bomb until it detonates.

Meanwhile, I see that the new guy, Greg, is completely behind Black Lives Matters, an organization I have never supported, and anti President Trump, but the Wayfair child trafficking scandal has been trending for two days, and he’s not said one thing about that.

Unironically, the same people that fund Black Lives Matters also Funds Wayfair

And, of course, Wayfair is attached to Ghislaine Maxwell

But he doesn’t even see the racism in this post whatsoever

The Ghanaians were the original African slave traders.

Even posting this as a joke, it’s the equivalent of Ania calling her black, Latino, Cherokee husband a nigger.

That’s enough for today, but it was good to work on my writing style, get the cobwebs off.

There’s so much to write about, and I have to be sure to do so in a manner appealing to the audience.

Grains of Sound: The Great White Hoax

Chris Exeris (Christopher Michael Sevanick) believes the world owes him success, without having to actually work for it

Chris Exeris (Christopher Michael Sevanick) believes the world owes him success, without having to actually work for it

This one has been a long time in coming.

Actually, quite a few of the upcoming articles have been a long time in coming, but we’ll get to that later.
I will try to be as concise and to the point as possible, because I know there’s no reason to draw this out, and readers want their information quickly.
You’re welcome to scan, and check out the sound cloud links at your leisure.
Let’s get started, shall we?

 Christopher Michael Sevanick, AKA “Chris Exeris”, AKA “Grains of Sound” (his brother Jason is only part of GOS in the studio, another thing that shall be addressed in this review), has hit the big time!
He’s scored “Odyssee 2015”, in Berlin, for New Years Eve.
First, I will provide a more in depth review of Grains of Sound.
The first thing anyone should know is that Christopher Michael Sevanick, aka Chris Exeris, doesn’t even write half the music for Grains of Sound. Most sound design, and anything that is bass or beat oriented (and I don’t mean the binaural beats that he layers into the music, to hypnotize those with weak minds, like Ania Ziolkowska), is written and produced by his brother, Jason Sevanick, aka Jason Durant.
Jason has been carrying Chris for over a decade. 
 Jason is not from NYC, as he keeps telling everyone. He’s from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has a degree in sociology, which means he knows how to manipulate people and groups.
He claims NYC, in order to seem “cool”, internationally. He’s actually in Pittsburgh, as I write this, dealing with the impending death of his father (the family are all alcoholics), but that is subject for another upcoming article.

Chris Exeris is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, not New York City

Chris Exeris is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, not New York City

Chris Exeris is all about the image. He does just enough to get noticed, and nothing more.

Chris Exeris is all about the image. He does just enough to get noticed, and nothing more.

Let that sink in, when listening to Mindless Faith, or Grains of Sound.

 As a musician, he is mediocre, at best.
I wrote a review a while back, to illustrate the deception of how he markets himself, and how he feels the world owes him everything.
He countered by actually beginning to admit his brother helps him write the music for Grains of Sound.
He’s no longer part of Mindless Faith, not only because he actually contributed nothing whatsoever, but also because his bandmates began to see is current affair with Ania Ziolkowska for what it is:
Yoko Ono, Breaking up the Beatles. Except they’re not even the Beatles.
However, this isn’t about Ania Ziolkowska emulating Marie Curie, riding on fame that is not even hers, because she is incapable of any type of creativity whatsoever, herself.
No, this is about the fact that, after, again, listening to every single thing Grains of Sound has ever made, I came upon one truth:


 Chris may have learned how to use Ableton Live, but he hasn’t learned how to emote anything besides anger, and the productions of Grains of Sound are missing even THAT.
Ignoring that of all the dance music, psytrance holds the least emotion in it’s supposed music, Grains of Sound holds even less than that.
Listen to one of his tracks he made when he was in Poland, away from his brother. Be it “Trees Tell me their Secrets”, or “Booming Dunes“, you hear there’s not one modicum of emotion in either of them. You also learn that if there’s a “beat”, he’s incapable of making it. For that, he needs Jason.
See, the problem is he may technically know what to do in Ableton (and barely even that. Trees Tell me there secrets is over saturated in reverb), but translating any passion he MIGHT have into music just isn’t possible for him.
There’s such an overuse of phasing, and saturation, to mask the binaural beats he has layered within it, it has an immediately feeling of foreboding.
It’s suffocating.
It’s definitely not a vampire, I will give it that. It doesn’t wait for you to invite it in.
It doesn’t ask you out, seduce you, attempt to woo you.
No, absolutely not.
It attempts to force it’s way into your mind, like a home invasion robbery.
I still don’t understand how someone who claims to have been producing for 15 years can be this BAD………
So how, you may ask, does someone like this get a gig like Odyssee?

Chris Exeris Charmed his way into the German psytrance scene through Poland

Chris Exeris Charmed his way into the German psytrance scene through Poland

And he’s still a last minute decision, just as he was for the Zagoa festival in Cairo. He’s playing at the top of the evening, when most will be on the dance floor of the main room.

As you can see, Chris Exeris is playing at the TOP of the evening. Of course people will actually want to visit the chill out area MUCH later

As you can see, Chris Exeris is playing at the TOP of the evening. Of course people will actually want to visit the chill out area MUCH later

And anyone that does hear him will realize that, without drugs, he’s a huge disappointment.
And this “Live Synth Performance”?

People, he’s using Ableton.

ANYONE can program scenes and clips to be triggered by a midi controller. I do that myself. 

The set itself is pre-programmed, because he’s not even capable of mixing anything his brother didn’t make for him.

Chris Exeris doesn’t even OWN a synth.

So, congratulations, Grains of Sound. Congratulations on the opportunity to disappoint a larger set of listeners.
Author’s Note:
I wanted to get this in under deadline, so it’s actually unfinished. It will be an evolving article, as I transfer resources from my old iMac to my new Mac.

Lot’s of Developments

I keep wanting to get back to this, and many distractions keep popping up.
For this, I apologize.
There’s many entries, on the horizon, such as how Chris Exeris / Chris Sevanick manipulates with compliments, how Ania Anicca / Ania Ziolkowska has no personality of her own, only those she steals from her duped mates, and those she knows, even how both have been nothing but pawns for Eva Annika Backstrom, and Uzi Grindler.

And it would not be complete without showing the utter lack of passion Chris Exeris has for what he has claimed as his profession, and merely does it for the attention he assumed it would gain him.

All of these instances are to illustrate how narcissists function in every day life, and how they deserve none of our pity, though they would like you to believe otherwise.

We’re even working on a youtube channel, to increase our reach, and provide a format of education for everyone.

And, I also need to create a page for my photographs at Movement Electronic Music Festival 2014, in Detroit, in these past few weeks.

I promise that all of this is coming, but to know at least ONE of the things that has consumed my time in these last few weeks, I will leave you with this:

It’s a project I was working on.
It took three days to complete, and is entered in a competition.
Stop by, have a listen, and even leave a comment, if you like it.

I will get back to the blog, as soon as there is some order to this disorder. Until then, happy listening!!!


Explanations & Revelations

Apologies to all who have wondered where my posts have been, as I know I have promised that I would be back on track

It’s been a busy week

Mostly, I’ll let the accompanying video begin to explain what has become a culmination of explanations and discoveries, or serendipity, all unfolded this past weekend.
For our two friends in Poland, whom check this blog at least twice a week……………

I don't think they understand that nothing I do is what is affecting their lack of "success".......

I don’t think they understand that nothing I do is what is affecting their lack of “success”…….

………………………..It’s probably best you understand that nothing I do has any affect on your success, or lack there of.

However, I do have an interesting surprise for all parties involved, as well as the learning of some interesting revelations, such as the classic narcissistic dumping of anyone not able to be swayed to their side, which we saw the effort to do, back in one of our first posts.

So, for the two of you, and all interested in what the delays to new posts may have been, I will provide a snapshot of what my last two weeks have been in preparation toward.

Be patient, and wait till the end.
All will be revealed then.
It’s only three minutes, after all.

And to everyone else, I will be striving to get back on track, in the NEW format, as soon as possible, right after I work on a track I am producing, and process the thousand pics I took at the Movement Electronic Music Festival 2014 in Photoshop.

Until then………..


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Working on two new posts

Apologies again, for delays.
School is over, but lots to do, still, and preparing for my VIP debut at Movement Electronic Music Festival, next weekend.
I am working on two new blogs that will hopefully be done and posted this week.
The promised “Narcissists Manipulate with Compliments” blog, as well as a surprise blog, that will show screenshots of an Attorney in Oregon displaying her narcissistic Sociopathy, by berating someone over imagined criticism of her NOT ASKED FOR OR CARED ABOUT “lifestyle choice” of being POLY-AMOROUS.
Really, nobody cares but her.
The Attorney Blog may come first, mostly because it’s just a bunch of screenshot images, and the easiest to write and tag.
Really trying to become more regular at this, so I, again, sincerely

Once again, apologies

I must apologize again, as it is glaringly obvious I have not kept up with the blog.
Sadly, school and a work schedule have allowed me no time to get to pending entries, such as one that is upcoming, concerning our favorite characters, and the subjects of racism and narcissistic sociopathy.

However, school will end in May, and I will, once again, be able to attend to the blog in full force…..at least until the Fall Semester.

in the meantime, please feel free to also follow us at our facebook, also named Neon Plastic Lotus

Regards to all!!!

The truth hurts

We usually avoid any type of political post, however, we find this to be very important to EVERYONE in the world, and, in a way, if we think of a sociopathic entity, without empathy for others in any way, it still lends itself to our mission, which is to illustrate in all ways possible how we have normalized Sociopathy and Narcissism within modern humanity.

We feel it’s worth the 23 minutes to watch this video.

Apologies, again

I must apologize again for the time between updates.

My school load, which is piano , music theory, audio engineering, intro to multimedia software, and intro to telecommunications , has been taxing, to say the least.

It won’t always be this way, as I can already feel what I remember about music notation, for example , returning, however, it has kept me from updating, and also reformatting submissions to the blog.

I’ve also had to, though this takes no time at all, content with Chris Exeris Sevanick and Ania Ziolkowska continually spying upon my life , which is actually a humorous diversion, and will be the subject if an upcoming blog.

We will hopefully be back on schedule soon, as I acclimate these things into my life.