Psytrance Cultism : Pawel “ArThou” Tulin – Demonstration of Collective Narcissism

On Aug 14, 2013, at 18:48, “Pawel Tulin” <> wrote:

Dude – to start with – you are officially band from Poland forever, do not ever go there because you will never come back unless in body bag, and I promise you that

Hector Virgilio Barrientos-Bullock <*********> Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 7:01 PM
To: “<>” <>
Cc: Chris Exeris <>
Oh my?
You control an entire country now?
I do believe there’s this thing called international relations.
You might want to look it up.
I’m sorry….seriously….hold on…:..I need to catch my breath.
My stomach hurts from laughing so much.
I’m not kidding.
Poland would not risk and international incident over your collective asinine egos.
I really had no desire at all to go there, but am now considering it, JUST to laugh in your face.
I’ll have to get back to you after I’m done laughing.
I’ve already had to correct 12 typos from typing while laughing.
That was too good!!!
Oh lord…..
Okay( what else have you in your back of delusions, oh lord and master magician?
Sent from my iPhone
Pawel Tulin <> Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 7:05 PM
To: Hector Virgilio Barrientos-Bullock <>
Cc: Chris Exeris <>
You bet – I do control that country, more than you ever know – and few others – want to challenge me? I’ll buy you a ticket

Welcome to the first installment of a continuing series on Psytrance Cultism!!!
As usual, there are hyperlinks that explain terms, so follow them to have a complete understanding.
I had been hoping to complete the Vipassana Cultism series, however, due to email issues, as well as the providence of the above conversation landing in my lap, I felt it was time to put that to the back burner, for just a moment, and address a growing problem:

The misuse of Psytrance and Psytrance culture to become cultish Collective Narcissism

It’s the “Heather’s” or “Mean Girls” of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) community.


Luis Campos, 2nd from the left, Chris “Exeris” Sevanick, far left.
This is PsychGround.
These people should NEVER reproduce.

We will focus mostly on a “collective” (pun intended) known as PyscheGround (and some members of EastCoast Psytribe), in New York City, though there may be a few diversions that reach as far as Colorado, Germany, and Poland. As you will see by the comments and discussions listed, these people are true Narcissistic Personality Disorders.

Legends in their OWN minds.

Now, before we go any further, it should be made clear that I followed psytrance as far back as when I was in the Navy, based out of Yokosuka, Japan, aboard the USS Independence CV62, way back in 1995, having been introduced to it by a “girl” friend named “Victoria”. At that time, psytrance was known as ” Goa Trance“, was artful, creative, technical, and made up of an actually caring community.

That is not what psytrance is NOW

What prompted this series, besides a multitude of reasons, is an article I saw posted a few months ago about how psytrance was the

“Religion that has no name….”

When I saw and read this article……well, before I say anything, let me provide an excerpt –

“It is, essentially, a ‘New Religious Movement’ (NRM) that is not allowed to become an organised religion. It cannot be given a name, nor can its places of communal gathering be made to explicit. It includes a great variety of belief and practice: but then the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, even Christianity all show a great variety of forms and expressions also. It has it’s own set of texts, but none are adopted as dogma, there is no cannon: but then many of the historical forms of human spirituality did not have a cannon either. It even has its own unique forms of artistic expression and aesthetic style, rife with themes of transcendence and spiritual discovery.”

Firstly, when did popping psychedelic drugs and listening to “sub”-corporate music, become a “religious movement”???? It’s places of gathering cannot be made explicit? They post all over the internet when a show or festival is happening, they take pictures, they charge admission, they promote DJs and producers!!!!

I believe if a church did this, we would call it a SCAM, or a CULT.

But, let us visit upon that later, shall we? We do have a purpose to this PARTICULAR blog entry, after all……. It includes a great variety of practices? Maybe it does, however, not one of them understand a SINGLE ONE of those practices anywhere NEAR completely. And we shall demonstrate that as we proceed. It has it’s own sacred texts? What texts are these? A “bible” of blotter LSD? There were no “Sacred Texts” in 1995, or in the 70s, when this genre began, nor are there NOW. But no adopted dogma? I am willing to wager that as we watch this series unfold, we will learn there IS an adopted dogma, and that “dogma” is “Spiritual Narcissism”, practiced in the form of COLLECTIVE NARCISSISM. Unique forms of artistic expression?

It’s MUSIC!!! Of COURSE it’s “artistic” and “expressionistic”!!!

Though the “Unique” is debatable. You’ll have to REALLY DIG to find THAT. Let us take a quote from a German friend, via Frankfurt, the city of my birth (Please don’t mind the language difference)  –

  • June 14
  • 11:06am

     Shiva Bodhi Dharma     So, it’s sub-underground, as it is everywhere. I’ll be honest, with the mentality of the people I have seen in the psytrance scene, I pretty much see it as a virus that needs be innoculated against. They have no empathy and no sense of anyone but themselves and their cultish community. I have conversations with psytrance heads that illustrate this, and it has become more prevalent in the last 5 years. And I used to be part of that scene, until I saw that and became victim to it. They’re a bunch of pleasure seeking sociopaths.
  • 11:07am

     Flow Yo     word.
     it’s exactly the same as in germany -.-
     that’s the reason why i don’t go to events like this anymore…
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     So, it IS a virus that spreads across that community. I felt as much.

  • Flow Yo     and you have dumb people with many drugs in their blood

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     I must ask, may I use your comments in a blog I am writing on this subject?

  • Flow Yo     yeah, you can.

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     Thank you. That helps a lot.

  • Flow Yo     and you have some dumbass-vegetarians, that are shouting their message all over the place…

    erm, not “some”, many!
    and all this shit of pseudo-deep people
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     That’s ironic, as, due to Monsanto, the vegetables they eat actually have animal genes spliced into them.

  • Flow Yo nothing real psychedelic, open minded thinkers, philosophers, dumb style-people as everywhere

    after “philosophers” should be a full-stop.
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     Wow. This virus has spread to Europe. However I’ve noticed it’s predominantly EASTERN Europe, And I wonder why that is…..

  • Flow Yo     it’s a pity, but yeah, you can’t keep the dumb people out.

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     The “dumb people” seem to have become the “normal” people. And that’s scary.

  • Flow Yo     i think it’s because of some kind of narcistic. internet, the people think, if they dress like that, listen to that kind of music and eat vegetarian, they’d be a better person and so deep

     yeah, this is true…
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     I think you are correct.

  • Flow Yo     that they are dumb and closed mind is the fact, i think

    and they don’t have no idea of good music often
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     While saying they are actually more open minded than others. And that is the complete irony of it.

  • Flow Yo     end never felt, what problems and chaos is like. they’re just kids

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     Sadly, many of them are over 40 years old.

  • Flow Yo     eeek..
  • Flow Yo     and they’re such scene fascists

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     I’m sorry. I really want to continue this, but I have to go. And I really do want to continue this, as you are providing a very relevant view.

  • Flow Yo     hey, i hear so many music, go to so many different parties, scenes, communitys… i’m kind of exotic, i think. where i go, i see people, just living in their own little habitats.

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     Yes. I do the same. In many groups but part of none.

  • Flow Yo     okay, we will continue sometimes, i hope. have fun at whatever you do and have a nice weekend! and keep strong, and keep in mind they’re just a bunch of afraid childs. afraid to stand alone, on their own feets and realize they’re nothing but implanted ideologies and ideas!

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     We will. I’ll hit you up sometime this weekend.

  • Flow Yo     and thx for the name pollock, i’m reading very interested his bio.

  • (Author’s note: He is an artist in Germany, and therefore had never heard of Jackson Pollock, therefore I directed him to him, for inspiration…..)

There are MANY  such conversations I have been given permission to use in this series, not all from him, but many others, though the Germans DO seem to be the most outspoken, and, as shall be seen, they all say, in their own ways, the exact same thing –

Psytrance seems composed of mostly Spiritual Narcissists

Now, once again, the stage is set, the scenario defined, and thus, we come to our first “player”, if you will…….

Pawel Tulin

Degree in Psychology, User Experience software designer, Polish Psytrance Ego Maniac. Observe –

  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     maybe……You do realize I have issues with the Arthous right now, right? Due to hiding that Chris Sevanick was fucking my wife, while partying right next to me, for nearly a year, right? Not saying I’m adverse to a meeting, just putting that out there.

     And yes, Ania Ziolkowska or Ziolko, is the woman I have been talking about for nearly two years. The abusive gold digger.
     So, just want to put that out there, before, you know.
  • Pawel Icon 2
    Pawel ArThou     sorry to hear that but I was out of the scene for at least two years, exactly for the reason that this psy scene is bit fucked up for me. So even if I share the name with them, I have not seen any of them at least for two years. I am keeping the name for sentimental reason. Hope you get it
Pawel Tulin & Ania Ziolkowska Pawel lied to me and stated he did not know them - See the Psytrance Cults Blog

Pawel Tulin & Ania Ziolkowska
Pawel lied to me and stated he did not know them – See the Psytrance Cults Blog

Now, as can be seen, while Pawel Tulin was believing he was successfully deceiving me in stating he had not seen anyone from the “ArThou” swinger group for two years, he was hanging out with MY adulterous wife, and Chris “Exeris” Sevanick, nearly every day. I already knew this. And this makes a point that is not only indicative of Pawel, but of everyone in this New York City Psytrance “Community” –

They believe they are smarter than anyone  else they encounter. 

This is another symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, bordering on Anti Social Personality Disorder. It seems these traits are prevalent among cultists.

However, what can we expect, from someone that says something such as this? –

From: “Pawel Tulin” <>
Date: May 16, 2013, 17:37:02 EDT
To: “‘Hector Barrientos-Bullock'” <>
Subject: RE: I never did
Reply-To: <>

I don’t want to waste my time on bullshit. I don’t know what dhamma is but I
feel it. Especially, I don’t have time for your petty shit. Do what you
want, I’ll see you on the other side. You can thank me later, if there is
any need for it any after…

Do we remember the line of how none of them understand any of the practices they have adopted completely?

Well, there you go.

Let us include the entire email exchange the first lines of this first article of the series originated from.
It should be noted that I am merely laying out rope for Pawel, length by length, waiting for him to do what is to be done with rope, as we all know.
There are many conversations such as this, and they will be included in future entries to this series, however, this one was such a god send that I had to change my blog schedule to get this out to the masses, for all to see how the minds of the psytrance acolytes have warped all sense of reality, and call it “spiritual”.

Yes, it’s highly personal, however, well…..just look at his “Dhamma” line.

It speaks for itself……

The exchange –

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

Listen – take me off this bullshit you doing or I will sue you myself little man

From: Hector Barrientos-Bullock [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 2:38 PM
Subject: Re: Figure it out yet?

Please sue.

I’m curious – what statute do you believe you will be utilizing?

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 2:44 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

Harassment, slander, stocking, I have all the copies of your emails, you are an asshole. If you ever end up with her in court, I will testify against you, you piece of shit. You are a fuckin moron and disgrace to humanity. Go kill yourself and save all of us an effort. Also – you are a joke in our community, most people put your fricking email on automatic delete including Ania and Chris, and others are saying you are an asshole who will never be welcome back to burners and psy. So get the grip and move on. Or if you want to get something done, change your strategy and be a good person, dick lick

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 2:50 PM, Hector Barrientos-Bullock <> wrote:

Slander has to be a lie.
harrassment is moot, due to your involvement AND association, as well as your attempted deception of me from facebook (which is now a legal document), to email, and i truly hope you DO testify.
You are oblivious to the exact nature of how damaging that would actually be to HER.


You’re not the only one that keeps copy.

You have demonstrated yourself to be lower than what is left on the floors of a slaughter house, due to your actions in THIS incident alone.

Once again, thank you, Pawel.

By the way, have you heard of relevance and hearsay?

They would never LET you testify.

You’re not RELEVANT to our MARRIAGE, nor have you ever met me, nor have you ever met us together.

Where is your relevance?

How are you such an unintelligent idiot?

HOW have you survived this long?????

As for the burners, YOU’RE not considered a burner, and I don’t give a shit about psy.
And yes, I have checked with the burners.

Would you like me to send you the messages I have from the burners, all of whom do not know YOU or ONTONCA??

They only know Jika.

You really think you’re more important than you really are.


On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:02 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

Dude – I will call Jiki right now and cuts you off her circles as well, you are a disease, she is my sister
(Author’s note- the are NOT blood related. He’s Polish. She’s Russian. Not that it matters…..)

So if I am not involved why do you bombard me with your hate and moron behavior, why do you harass me asshole? What did I do to you? I did try to help you a little before but stop involving me in your twisted mind. It’s not my drama, keep me out of it. You are a little man consumed by anger and hate. She left you because of it. So man up and stand up to what you did wrong. Stop bombarding me with your petty shit or I will make my steps to prevent you to do so. If you ever even remotely understand love and Buddhism, for which I beg you to take another look, you are destroying yourself. This is plain stupid but it is not my duty to walk you out of your hell. This is the last time I try to talk as a friend….

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Hector Barrientos-Bullock <> wrote:

You’re too late.
I cut myself off from everyone except the core burners over a year ago.
How do you think I know you guys are a joke to the burn community?
They do not like your kind.
They don’t like sociopaths.
Oooooooooo…..spoken like a true narcissist, by the way.
The flaunting of USELESS status, as no one but eastern european sociopaths go to the houses you know.


On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:11 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

Dude – I don’t care if someone likes me, but they do. Even your friends are emailing me telling me that you are crazy asshole

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:01 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

Yeah – it’s called modesty, I don’t need to be in the lime light. I just provide love and services to my brothers and sisters in need. I am not a DJ or anything like that but I don’t have to pay for tickets and my house is always full of friends, and where and when I travel I don’t need to worry about the thing. And you are not welcome in most of the houses I know

From: Hector Barrientos-Bullock []
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 3:14 PM
To: Pawel Tulin
Subject: Re: Figure it out yet?

Do you READ what you write, before you write the next line?

I’m going to ENJOY posting this in my blog.

How you contradict yourself from one message to the next.


You are a narcissist bordering on sociopath.
You lie, you manipulate, you have an inflated sense of yourself, and call it modesty.
You are the oldest idiot I have met in my entire life.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:09 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

No – you are – get a shrink. Most of the people I know think you are a joke bro, Just a stupid pathetic idiot. I don’t even know why I waste my time talking to you, maybe my Buddhist education in compassion. Anyway – travel well, you would be better of listening to my advice but this is hopeless. In a way I do feel for you and feel sorry for you, anger and hate are big things to overcome, they can kill you. If you will survive, you’ll be a better man, I know it from my own experience. Otherwise you will die misbul death, goodbye friend and good luck

From: Hector Barrientos-Bullock [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: Figure it out yet?

You are a sociopath and an IDIOT.

You lie and get caught and expect people to listen to you.
I post about you EVERY DAY.

“they will lie to your face and say they are your friends”

You are TEXT book.

I know children with more maturity than you.

And the bottle blonde of ania’s hair?


From vidal sassoon to chez cvs.

The same yoga clothes from three years ago to go out?

must suck to live in one of the fashion capitals of the world, knowing she was a clothes horse, and now not able to buy one new piece of clothing.


On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

Yeah? Maybe you should check my background… Ania might not have resources to sue you but I do so be careful
(Author’s note – Thank you for telling me Ania Ziolkowska is BROKE, not that it matters to me……)

Hector Barrientos-Bullock <> Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:18 PM
To: Pawel Tulin <>
Your point?
you still need a valid CASE.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

And regarding your blog, my lawyer already contacted wordpress few weeks ago, we are either suing them or they have to take you down
(Author’s note – Guess my outing them through this medium HAS had an effect…..)

Yeah man – that’s why when people hear about you – they are telling me to stay away from you. You are a disease and nobody wants to have anything with you, I am the only one left that still feels some compassion for you, but I am running short of patience…
(Author’s note – Pawel “Lost Patience” the moment he realized I could confirm he was both lying to me and trying to manipulate me. See – “Narcissistic Rage” )

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Hector Barrientos-Bullock <> wrote:

Go for it.
Not going to work and you don’t scare me.
Wordpress is not responsible for my blog.
I know the legalities of that as well.
Try again.

Get this through your head:

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 5:00 PM, Pawel Tulin <> wrote:

It is not about them – it is about you. You let hate and anger consume you. I am trying to save your soul but you are being an ass about it. Let it go bro, you will feel much better. I barely know them as well, I never met you too. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, it’s life

(Author’s note – this is the new narcissist tactic. I don’t know who started it, but they think songs on youtube will evoke some sort of emotional response that will allow them to regain control. I know for a fact this works on women. It doesn’t work on ME. Once I have cut all empathy off from you, NOTHING you do or say affects me.)

From: Hector Barrientos-Bullock [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 5:46 PM
To: Pawel Tulin
Cc: Chris Exeris
Subject: Re: Figure it out yet?

You have the mentality of a 14 year old girl.
I have never had more fun than I am having right now.
I have sparred against award winning psychiatrists, and WON.
But you?
Your limitless idiocy is the most fun I have EVER had.
Such perfect displays of collective narcissism.
Such perfectly textbook displays of borderline sociopathy.

The flailing in searching for something, ANYTHING, that you THINK might actually HURT me.

What was it the Joker said?

“there is nothing, NOTHING, that you can do to me.”

Ania calls herself Mukti?

You have no idea.

I am free from care of social status, of friends, of desire, of loneliness, of everything.

THAT is “mukti”, by definition.

Welcome to viewing a state none of you shall EVER achieve.

I not only do not NEED anyone, I do not WANT anyone.


And you thought you would school ME in buddhism?



Do you know what that is?

All of you, including Ania and Chris, think you can outsmart or outrun your karma.

I am the karma she is attempting to outrun.

She thought it was about money when it’s always been about morality and integrity.

Seems you all have that mentality of

“I can do it to you, how DARE you be hurt by what I did, how DARE you expect me to be responsible for it, and how DARE you even THINK to do it to me!!!!”

I never say this, but I will say it now:

I am SMARTER than you.

I am quicker than you.

I am more resourceful than ALL of you, as you have learned.

You think that “he’s a bully” game plays when the blog went up?


It lost all it’s validity.

It’s not about me, it’s about YOU.

(I even knew, as I told the last phone call I had about this conversation, that you would respond, just because I said you backed off.)

You are NOBODY, but really want desperately to be somebody.

I am happy with being nobody, while everyone wants me to be somebody.

if you had not blocked me, you would see how many more support me against people like you EVERYDAY.

So far it’s at least 1,400

There are more pages about narcissism appearing everyday.

There are more blogs about people like YOU, EVERY DAY.

Your time is over.

Now just be prepared to read all about this in the blog.

Accept defeat.

Maybe then you might actually know freedom.

  • (Author’s note – to understand this line, I must digress for a moment to here –
  • Pawel ArThou     you are just an idiot than
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     No. I’m fed up. I have no patience for cluster b personality disorders and will hit them where it hurts the most.
    Nor do I have patience for manipulators.
  • Pawel ArThou     bro – I am offering you a free session, just because I see your struggle, you either choose to be a free man or you will suffer for long
    you can’t win, let me show you how to have some grace
    I have been there
    (Author’s note – Do we not see I just let him know he was attempting to manipulate me, AND HE STILL TRIES TO ANYWAY????)
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     I do not want a session. I want the means to end the problems that are Ania Ziolkowska, my wife, and Chris “Exeris” Sevanick. Nothing else has value to me. Actually, neither do they. However taking the fight to them I do value. And apparently they can’t win either. You may wish to ask them how their friend Eva Annika Backstrom fared with the Maryland States Attorney.
  • 3:00pm

    Shiva Bodhi Dharma     Eventually they will figure out I am smarter and quicker than they could ever dream of being. They haven’t figured that out yet. Good day.
  • Pawel Icon 23:05pm

    Pawel ArThou     you should not focus how to hurt them, you should focus how to make your life beautiful, you should focus to be love and friend, just take a big breath my friend, we will talk once you let it go, I will help you and intro you to great people, maybe you will get her back but chances are – you will not want her anymore either…. just take a deep breath firsts and be impartial for a moment….
  • Shiva Bodhi Dharma     I should focus in what’s healthiest for ME, and letting them get away with it is not healthy for me or anyone. It never was. That’s how it got here. That’s how ANYINE gets here. You may want to look up doctor Joyce brothers article entitle “don’t be so quick to forgive”. It applies. I don’t want her back. She had a child that Is more than likely not mine, she is and was deceptive, a gold digger, a liar, abusive, manipulative, without empathy of any kind except for herself.

    Why would I want someone like that back?

    Are you seriously thinking that? Is that what everyone believes???

    There’s a saying I learned in Seattle:

    “Girl, you are not that bomb.”

    And she is not.

    But she DID steal ten years of my life, and followed that with destroying what was left and then stole every dream I ever had, trying to be me, lying and deceiving the entire time.

    And all your friends know them, so how the hell would or should I trust ANY of them, or consider them “great”?

    – end Author’s note.)

On Aug 14, 2013, at 18:20, “Pawel Tulin” <> wrote:

Dude – keep my out of it or I will kick your ass

Dude – to start with – you are officially band from Poland forever, do not ever go there because you will never come back unless in body bag, and I promise you that

From: Hector Virgilio Barrientos-Bullock [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 7:02 PM
To: <> Cc: Chris Exeris
Subject: Re: Figure it out yet?

By the way, physical threat of violence over email?


Thank you.


Sent from my iPhone

At this point, we can see several things –

  1. Pawel, who has a degree in psychology, knows nothing about psychology.
    I have an associates degree in accounting, and have put very little effort in out playing him at every turn.
    I know how cultists think. They think like Narcissists and Sociopaths, also known as Anti Social Personality Disorder.
    Ania Ziolkowska.
    A decade with her and anyone would be a FOOL to not understand how a sociopath thinks.
  2. As with most Sociopaths, and the cult indoctrinated, and even Narcissists, his bag of tricks and tools are limited to what he knows has worked on others. In the case of Pawel, he is limited to manipulation, intimidation, attempts at subterfuge, and then blatant intimidation. He can’t think outside the box of his experience. A robot.
    “This worked on other people. This has to work on him…..eventually.”
    (If you do business with him, take notes. This is how you outmaneuver him in negotiations.)
  3. As with any cult, which functions on “Collective Narcissism”, they will do anything, ANYTHING, to protect the “ingroup”, which in this case is an abusive Anti Social Personality Disorder that is committing adultery.
  4. In the protection of the “ingroup”, they can have done no wrong, and therefore the outlier, or “outgroup”, must always be the party at fault.
  5. In the textbook manner of ALL Cluster B’s, they need to keep their abuses PRIVATE, hence the fear of this blog, and the threats to me, due to it’s mere existence.

Now, I know what is being said –

“How does this prove psytrance cultism?”
Remember, this is merely the “introduction”, utilizing Pawel as a way to introduce you to how cultists in this community think.
I want you to recognize the association of this mindset and behavior, the pontificated claims of spirituality COMBINED with this behavior, and it’s association to Narcissism, Collective Narcissism, and Anti Social Personality Disorders.
In the next part, we will again visit personal interactions, taking a break from Pawel Tulin, and associate Psytrance Culture with other, more prominent, cults.I will leave this here, as it is getting late, for you to ponder, until the next entry to this series…….

28 thoughts on “Psytrance Cultism : Pawel “ArThou” Tulin – Demonstration of Collective Narcissism

  1. Well written as always ^^ I especially like how you really dive into the minds of others and get under their skin.

    A bit long-winded tho.


  2. man, this guy was way harsh. How can someone talk like that and then turn around saying how they love so much? how can you love one group of people without being able to refrain from awful words on others? :/ like, that totally icks me out.


    • And that’s the entire point.
      His utter hypocrisy is a rampant trait of this pseudo “spiritual” psytrance scene.
      They either do that, or cause trouble and avoid the outcome.
      As my friend in germany said, they are fake, and scene fascists.


  3. I may not know anyone but Shiva on a personal basis however I do know that he has helped me through this last year of traumatic events in my own life personally, by his posting this blog and pin pointing how Narcissism works as well as Sociopaths I have been able to break loose from those who are stuck in a pattern that can only hold me down spiritually and emotionally…mentally and finally physically. I have been able to recognize Narcissism more easily now and not get offended when others act in such a way; it has aided in my compassion for those whom suffer from it however it has also helped me to recognize my own self value and taught me that it is ok to step away sometimes from those who are suffering from these types of personality issues for my own sanity and happiness. Now if the only way to cure such said disorders is to make the community around each one of us reading this aware and start to trigger such needed changes and consciousnesses so be it, feelings will be hurt and truths will be spoken but the patterns in the variations of degrees Narcissists and Sociopaths needs to have some light shined on it because there isn’t nearly enough information readily available to the public such as this on social media….Thank you Shiva Bodhi Dharma from the bottom of my heart for helping me on my journey 🙂


    • Thank you, Kimmie, and I am honored to have been able to help.
      That is precisely what this is for – to bring attention to a form of behavior that has been assimilated into common society as something to aspire to.
      And that is sad.
      That is why this blog exists, and that is why the facebook page of the same name also exists.
      It is, I hate this term, but will use it, validating, to know it is doing precisely what it was designed to do.


  4. This article shed much light on a growing problem that has emerged in many different groups in many different “scenes”. I believe the rampant use of technology has bred more narcissism in one fell swoop then any other medium has ever been able to accomplish. The constant networking only exacerbates issues that once upon a time would have had to been settled from somewhere else the behind a computer screen. It allows a false sense of self;your internet persona and how you carry yourself around others can stay separate. It leads to the ever damaging false sense of self. I hope the man who wrote such hateful words wakes from his dreams one day and realizes that he is accountable for his own actions;he has been blessed with sense of self.


    • Thank you, Coral.
      You are correct. This problem is NOT isolated to merely this scene. This specific series as been undertaken both by personal interest and also unanimous request. I would love to say it is merely technology that has caused this problem, just unplug, problem solved, however it runs more deeply than that.
      Follow Neon Plastic Lotus, and you will see the perspectives of spiritual narcissists displayed as often as I may be able to acquire them. It is a point of irony in that the one thing that is meant to be overcome, both by spiritual practice and psychology, has actually been appealed to and celebrated in both spiritual practice, and every day life.
      Pawel may or may not become accountable for his words and actions. And yes I do know him personally, he merely does not remember, or feigns ignorance, however he is in New York City, where nearly everyone acts the way he does.
      He’s from a certain prejudice country where they have no respect, real respect, for anyone that is not of their descent.
      And yes, that is not conjecture.
      He is over 50 years old, and therefore there is no hope he will learn anything.
      That can be seen in his constant recycling of the same tactics, in attempts to intimidate or manipulate me.
      I literally can predict his cycle. Anyone could, as long as they pay attention and not allow themselves to be sucked in emotionally.
      You could even DIRECT his cycle, if you so pleased.
      That is what happens when someone is textbook pathological.
      At this point, I don’t think people need be anonymous to be horrible people.
      It seems to come naturally.


  5. This is an interesting perspective on what modern day psytrance culture has become. I literally grew up (was involved from age 14 into my late teens) in a psytrance community in Northwest Montana. Narcissistic cultism was definitely present, but the opposite also thrived. I think people really need to think hard about what a psytrance event means too them before going. Are you going to simply listen to psychedelic music, dance, meet and socialize with people? perhaps you are like me and like to go to these events to learn about the arts that they consist of such as music production, visuals, dance, etc…? Some people use these events as a social vessel to warp spirituality and art into “being cool” and try to use raves as a vessel to “gain” something from you, whether it be boosting their social status, establish a relationship (like steal a girl from you whilst she is intoxicated and listening to music that literally changes your brain state to a hpynotic one). This is an interesting post, what i have taken from it is you must be very careful who you interact with, and how you interact at these events, and you must be picky about which events you choose. investigate what the event stands for, what the people who make up the event stand for. From what it sounds like, the psytrance events i have experienced in Northwest america are much more genuine and about promoting the arts and kindness. i would recommend them to any psy trance lover.


    • Thank you for your comments, and you are correct, in some cases.
      This has become a problem the world round, as you can see from the German perspective (I have comments from another German that will appear in another installment of this series, this time in NYC), and one that must be addressed, so it not besmirch the genre entirely.

      As of now, as you can see, you may actually have been lucky in that you have grown in a better culture.

      The groups in NYC do not seem to hold a candle to that.


  6. Well, In my opinion (and mine only) seeing that the first thing you read in this blog is a response from Mr. Tulin stating ” you are officially band from Poland forever, do not ever go there because you will never come back unless in body bag, and I promise you that” speaks volumes about his adherence to the teachings of the Buddha.

    Never realized death threats were a part of the path.


  7. And i must not forget to express my gratitude to Shiva as he through his posts made me understand how damaging a narcissist can be, in fact he made me realize what had been happening in my life for past six years. Though initially i could not understand his views and even misinterpreted him on several occasions. Now i know how cruel these narcissists can be, their one and only concern is ‘I’ ‘Me”Mine’ . It is so easy to recognise them. and as it is said knowledge is knowing them we can protect ourselves from falling into their traps, truly they are wolves in garb of sheep, so nice and pleasing apparently but so vice and cunning actually…thanku Shiva..


    • You are very welcome, Maa.
      You are also very right.
      They are charming, cunning, manipulative and deceptive.

      However, once you know, they lose all power over you, or anyone, if everyone listens and becomes as perceptive as you have.


  8. I was reluctant to post in this blog and the reason is that I don’t want the social impact of the judgment of my community, when they associated me with this aggressive conversation…. my inner narcissist guiding me… So to counter that I am posting.

    Correct me if I am wrong about this but the drive to display a persona that is appealing to others IS the narcissistic drive… I see it in myself and everyone around every day. Half thruths, providing people with only the info about ourselves that makes us look good, small talk about things of no interest to be pleasant, fixing my hair to cover my receding hairline haha, make up….. there all a practice of presenting ourselves as something different than we actually are. It almost seems essential to get by in this world, especially what info we give, it can be used and manipulated in so many ways… right from childhood, you saw what happens when kids tell friends at school that they wet the bed or masturbate… everyone finds out… the teasing that follows… the decline in status.

    It seems to become a more serious problem when the lies build up enough in the mind that logic become’s based on a lie that was accepted, when our practice is to frame things in our mind to make them (a) more comfortable to deal with personally and (b) more appealing to others…. There is then no option but to be hypocritical that’s when we start to see quite bizarre contradictions like I love everyone and don’t fuck with me or I will kill you.

    Someone speaking the truth would be perceived as an attacker by someone who’s logic is now based on other false rhetoric in their head. But in saying that no one is right about everything and therefore we are all the person basing our logic on false rhetoric to some extent. Some contradictions we don’t even consider “like I believe the well being of all people in the world is of equal value” then we might spend $4 on a coffee even though if that $4 donated to the correct charity it could feed someone who is literally starving to death for days if not weeks.

    The part I struggle with is to differentiate between the narcissistic tendency that seems to be in everyone to at least some degree, and the full blown disorder. It seems when we take on ideologies and start to value things based on those ideologies we are at serious risk, and it spans across religion science subcultures just to name a few. Its funny to meet someone who thinks you don’t care about the planet and don’t think for yourself because you don’t have dreadlocks and tie pants, or someone who thinks your not wise because you cant do a downward dog with a straight back or someone who thinks your stupid because you don’t know what a higgs boson is or someone who thinks your untrustworthy or lazy because your not rich…. it’s funny because its so ridiculous… they’re lost, they didn’t question enough along the way and they built a reality that doesn’t see the duality and singularity of everything, we all suffer from it… at least a bit, I bet Buddha did too and Jesus or Mohammed or whoever your into.


    • There is really nothing I can add to this.
      You have truly pulled back the veil of precisely what narcissism is, what drives it, what motivates it, what PERPETUATES it, in our modern society.

      What you state is precisely not only narcissism, but spiritual narcissism.

      What you are describing is a complete lack of humility, and a complete takeover of the dominant psyche, by the Id, for acceptance.

      A trick mastered, and then needed to be shown of, like a new yoga pose.

      Thank you very much for your educated and insightful comment.


  9. Ps I didn’t counter my inner narcissist as this post does not link to my Facebook therefore not my community either…. there in lies the irrationality of narcissism.


  10. So while this post was being transcribed, I was resisting response to an fb post by a BM community (haha..’BM’) member. It’s ummm…well you can read below. Just continues the energy behind subjects such as Tulin. And it’s funny that all these men/people (such as Powell) have the same opinion about themselves..that they are so incredibly individual. That they stand alone, yet are very much so, a predictable type of personality. In any case, enjoy this..and I quote:

    “So…. do I just intimidate other men? Or there something I’m missing here. This is kind of like a vent, however, I’m really looking to get some meaningful feedback from this post. The following, however, makes me incredibly grateful for the rad, open, and supportive men in my life.

    * 4 to 1 ratio women to men who like or interact meaningfully with my posts.
    * Hear stories of boyfriends who are intimidated by me (I don’t want your girlfriend. I’m really just that open hearted with everyone (including you!)…. give it a try, and maybe she’ll come to you instead of me).
    * Other weird random things here and there.

    So….. what do you all think is up with that? What can I do to reach more men in a meaningful way? Is there something I can do to soften insecurities without compromising my strong presence and authentic self?

    Comments open.

    And the sunrise in Colorado is beautiful this morning.


    …ok…after laughing my ass off for a bit and going back and forth with a buddy of mine that is also inside the community but not a burner. Also after I calmed down, I decided to post:
    “Hey bra, I cry at least a few times a month with my brothers without having to speak with their significant others…not sure what the problem is.
    Oh! And I also go to gay bars to practice lines on homosexual men I’d normally use on girls because the attention makes me feel good. You should come out with me. It’s a great way to get out the angst of wanting to get in between a guy and a girl that are having problems in their relationship without becoming a complete douche…only partial douche, ya dig?”

    Needless to say, it was deleted…despite the ‘comments open’. Maybe majorly because I decided not to suck his dick? …TBD. My buddy Cosmo and I have seen this guy at parties with usually a few young (YOUNG) women around him with extra-long straws, just sippin his koolaid. We’ve actually gotten into discussion with him in opposition to some of his second-hand views in philosophies on selfless love (of course riding the shit out of Tolle and Chopra). It’s another convo for another time, very amusing though. He ended it right when he began to lose his vagina-clad koolaid sippers. Also getting very upset at the questions he couldn’t answer…yet will post his wanting to deepen relationships with other men?? Hmmm….
    Cosmo doesn’t believe in empathy either so it makes it much more interesting. But for some reason, we get along perfectly (insert facetious face). Oh, that’s his REAL name btw…Cosmo Buffalo, it’s on the birth cert. Another reason why we get along so well…one of the friends I have that hasn’t changed his name to “phoenix-something” or “love-this and that”, etc., etc., etc…

    I hear more of this new group wanting to start another event similar…I’ve recently had a convo with another friend on why I haven’t been to BM. Her telling me I should definitely go, saying it will “awaken me”. I simply asked if she even understood how far the $450 for the ticket will go in Soup Night dollars…no response…keep us posted on this yet another venue for microwave enlightenment…maybe I’ll ride that train, WOO HOO!! Hahaha! I’d say, make sure to have a ton of sex, at least you’ll have that to take away. Cosmo calls it for what it is..a drug-ridden fuck fest.

    As for our friend Mr. Tulin…the popular projection of one’s enlightenment, well…oxy-moronic? Jussayin…but, I’m definitely guilty of it..changing the atmosphere in my own life after reading this and convos I’ve had with another brother fighting ego over falling in Love with a good woman (I’m finding they exist still ;)). I’ve messaged you this morning my intentions, that’s all that needs be said. 🙂

    Keep doin you, bra…keep doin you 🙂


    • As Coral stated, as Andrew stated, this merely illustrates what we all know: that these people have allowed their Id to overtake them, to two them “I am that”.

      However, as with Pawel Tulin, they have this cognitive dissonance that makes them actually believe they are so far above one another, while being so far below a once called organism.

      And, humorously, Pawel is an illustration of the COMMON psytrancers turn pseudo burner.

      You think burners are bad?

      Psytrancers are WORSE.

      As you’ve seen.


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