Id – The ego of Maya, the Shadow

I should begin by saying I never stole the phone. I’m not even in New York City. John gave me access to his account so I could watch them, then pretended I stole it, so this opening could occur. However, this example makes a point I wanted to make –

“The id “knows no judgements of value: no good and evil, no morality…. Instinctual cathexes seeking discharge — that, in our view, is all there is in the id.”

What that means is the Id has no concept of right or wrong, just what IT wants. In Buddhism this is known as The Shadow, and in hinduism it is called Maya. I said once before that you could compare all modern spirituality to most of the Cluster B and Cluster C Personality Disorders in the DSMIV, as in if you took three of the Cluster B disorders – Borderline, Narcissistic, and Antisocial – and also one of the Cluster C disorders – Avoidant – you would get the exact behavior of those believing they are practicing spirituality at this time. Less the FIRST incident where Ania Ziolkowska called me an “Ignorant ass nigger!” merely because I asked her to hold a flashlight where I could see it, to fix something I never blamed her for, everything started off great for the first few years in our relationship also. Then, as Cluster B Personality Disorders are wont to do, she rapidly declined. I took us to counselors, but there was no effort from Ania at all. Ania would promise to do better, to change, but she would remain unapologetic and have complete disregard for anyone but herself.

“You’re just too thin skinned!” Ania would say.

Ania Ziolkowska Destroys and runs. Here she is dancing at Riou, In queens, at Psychill Psysundays. Ania Ziolkowska Knocked out my teeth, then

Ania Ziolkowska Destroys and runs. Here she is dancing at Riou, In queens, at Psychill Psysundays.
Ania Ziolkowska Knocked out my teeth, then “punished” herself by jumping on another dick, and partying around New York City.

See, yoga has Yamas and Niyamas, while Buddhism has the Five Precepts (Which can go up to 8, or even 10 in some practices) and the 8 Fold Path. These, if anyone has noticed, have been completely ignored by most yoga and sangha circles. Why? Is it not obvious that the “Id consciousness” has completely overtaken practice? Really think about what is taught in current self help spiritually, such as Eckhart Tolle, or Wayne Dyer, or even Ram Dass, and you will see it is obvious they appeal to the “Id Consciousness” that the personality disorders feed upon. I get emails on how to be a motivational speaker all the time, and the first thing said is

“write a book and get it published, even if it’s self published.”

Because that’s the formula, that’s how they get to become public speakers and charge large amounts to regurgitate flawed information they have put their own twist on, to gain a following. Osho didn’t even hide it. He blatantly celebrated selfishness and amorality And the theme remains the same – the celebration of Maya, the protection and avoidance of The Shadow, the precise anti-thesis of what these practices are meant to do. There is a reason my Indian friends have told me the Indians in India only follow the “Gurus” that the westerners go to…….. An Id will do anything to protect itself. It cannot be wrong. A Cluster B personality disorder is the precise locus of the Id Consciousness, it’s bastion. And the one major thing it will always protect is it’s reputation –

The narcissist presents to their victim, usually their relationship partner, a false self made up of a collection of simple and subtle pathological lies. Lies which make them seem angelic and builds them a reputation of being ‘as good as gold’ and ‘would never do anything to hurt anyone’. What I appreciate most is rather than attempt to explain this, I can provide such ready made examples, due to the behavior of others. The following is a ready made example of just this type of behavior.

You'll see in future articles that Ania Patrycja Ziolkowska ALWAYS played the victim. There will be text conversations where she would pass me off as the abuser behind my back, revealed to me only recently. Of course they never believed her, but the fact is she tried. They will smile at you, making you think everything is okay, while they are secretly engaged in a campaign of slandering you, to make themselves look better.

You’ll see in future articles that Ania Patrycja Ziolkowska ALWAYS played the victim.
There will be text conversations where she would pass me off as the abuser behind my back, revealed to me only recently.
Of course they never believed her, but the fact is she tried.
They will smile at you, making you think everything is okay, while they are secretly engaged in a campaign of slandering you, to make themselves look better.

  • Douche Bag Icon7:54pm Dj-vj Exeris Hey, just seeing these now, eek, yea Shiva is crazy, sorry that he involved you, glad you got your page back, but how did he steal your phone?
  • 7:54pm John We were chillin. He’s in NYC  I got trashed and he dipped with my phone Motherfucker
  • Exeris Icon7:57pm Dj-vj Exeris I recommend you report it to the police.
  • 7:57pm John Already did but I don’t know where he lives
  • You mentioned Hector is planning some nastystuff?
  •  8:00pm John He’s plannin some fucked up shit man. He’s talking to the department of state and the polish embassy Says his girl illegally adopted out their kid or something He’s completely lost it
  • Douche Bag Icon8:00pm Dj-vj Exeris Well she never had a kid so not sure what he’s going to do.
     Yea we were not sure if he believed his lies or not.
     If so then yes he has lost it.
  • 8:01pm John He thinks she did. Says she got fat real fast and lost weight real fast
    But he’s got an appointment tomorrow
  • Exeris Icon8:01pm Dj-vj Exeris she gained 10 lbs while in nepal cause she at desert 3 times a day for a monnth
  • 8:02pm John 9:30 in the now in the morning or some shit
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:02pm Dj-vj Exeris Maybe you can tell the police
  • Douche Bag Icon8:02pm Dj-vj Exeris they should even be able to call and find out when the appt is
  • 8:02pm John He’s doing it in DC
  • Exeris Icon8:03pm Dj-vj Exeris Ania contacted the polish consulate and they forwarded her email to the embassy in DC.
  • 8:03pm John They said they can’t do shit about that. But she don’t have no kid so he’ll just look crazy
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:03pm Dj-vj Exeris That was on Fri
  • Douche Bag Icon8:04pm Dj-vj Exeris email to consulate in nyc
    so maybe get a reply tomorrow
  • 8:04pm John Sounds good
  • Exeris Icon8:04pm Dj-vj Exeris yea crazy that he even has an appt when ania never had a kid
  • 8:04pm John  She got that far from eating dessert?
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:05pm Dj-vj Exeris she didn’t get fat
    just 10lbs
  • 8:05pm John Wow Looks totally different now
  • Douche Bag Icon8:05pm Dj-vj Exeris she was wearing her smaller friends clothese on NYE
  • 8:06pm John I saw the pics on your wall Her face lost weight
  • Exeris Icon8:06pm Dj-vj Exeris there are pics of ania in india which show he thin (Author’s note – Notice he didn’t offer to actually provide these supposed pictures?)
  • 8:06pm John He made a website too He showed me last night
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:07pm Dj-vj Exeris so how do you know him?
  • 8:07pm John Yeah he showed me those I’m a paramedic so she did look a little bloated
     I met him on FB He came up to meet me
     We went to a party last night and then he dipped when I got trashed
  • Douche Bag Icon8:08pm Dj-vj Exeris i wish the guy would get help (Author’s Note – Dropped that “she wasn’t pregnant” angle pretty quickly, didn’t he?)
  • 8:09pm John What happened to make him so fucked up?
  • Exeris Icon8:09pm Dj-vj Exeris he’s been that way for a long time
  • 8:09pm John He says she abused him for 10 years
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:09pm 

    Dj-vj Exeris made worse by doing meth every day for 3 years (Author’s note – Hearsay. He does not know this, nor can he prove it, which makes this SLANDER.)

  • 8:09pm John  Says he begged her to move to NYC and she said no
  • Douche Bag Icon8:09pm Dj-vj Exeris yea he has twisted everything (Author’s note – This catches up to him later.)
  • 8:10pm John When did he do that? He looked healthy to me?
  • Exeris Icon8:10pm Dj-vj Exeris not sure if he belives his lies or not (Author’s note – Pot calling the kettle black…..)
  • 8:10pm John  He doesn’t even smoke
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:10pm Dj-vj Exeris 97-2000 (Author’s note – Interesting as neither Ania Ziolkowska, nor I met Chris Sevanick until 2008. And we only hung out with him a total of THREE TIMES between 2008 and 2010. I met him again after Ania Ziolkowska lied and went to Poland, then India, and told him everything that happened between us, and even have additional proof. As I said, this catches up with him later.)
  • 8:10pm John  I offered and he refused
  • Douche Bag Icon8:10pm Dj-vj Exeris and then tones of E from 2001-present (Author’s note – At this time, you might want to skip down to the pictures of Ania Ziolkowska at the end, or remember this, and then wait for the surprise.)
  • 8:10pm John  So…wait….she was with him for 10 years after that.
  • Exeris Icon8:11pm 

    Dj-vj Exeris she was with him for 10 years ania didn’t abuse him (Author’s note – Remember this point, it will be important later on.)

  • 8:11pm John  Okay so he did meth while she was with him?
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:11pm Dj-vj Exeris didn’t knock out his teeth
  • 8:11pm John  How did his teeth get knocked out?
  • Douche Bag Icon8:11pm Dj-vj Exeris no he did meth before they got together (Author’s note – Slanderous statement. Can HE prove this?)
  • 8:12pm John  He says he’s got statements from a dentist and some polish dentist she talked to that she admitted it to
  • Exeris Icon8:12pm Dj-vj Exeris at a thai restaurant
  • 8:12pm John  He did meth when they were together?
  • Grains of Sound Icon8:12pm Dj-vj Exeris no E
    meth before they got together (Author’s note – Interesting. So Exeris CAN’T prove this.)
  • 8:12pm John  Then why did she stay with him for 10 years?
  • Douche Bag Icon8:12pm Dj-vj Exeris she says it was only 9 years
    cause she kept trying to prove to him that she was good (Author’s note – If Ania Ziolkowska is a “good person”, why did she have to “prove” it? If Ania was actually making an effort in not repeating abuses, then why did she constantly have to “prove” anything? Not that she ever did, as will be seen in reading further.)
  • 8:13pm John  He says she doesn’t talk to anybody they know together except to people in Maryland
  • Exeris Icon8:13pm Dj-vj Exeris she has been trying to get divorced for at least 3 years
    (Author’s note – why doesn’t this match the timeline presented by THEM as the conversation progresses forward? )
  • 8:13pm John  Why did she have to prove she was good of she was good?
    So why doesn’t she?
  • 8:14pm John  I’m confused
  • Ania Ziolkowska plays the victim game. Narcissists will say the abused is the abuser. Meanwhile, they work to turn everyone they know against them, behind their back, by lying.

    Ania Ziolkowska plays the victim game. Narcissists will say the abused is the abuser. Meanwhile, they work to turn everyone they know against them, behind their back, by lying.

  • How did he get inside her head?
  • 8:15pm John  Look I been fucked by him too
  • yea he fucks a lot of people over
  • 8:16pm John  But you gotta understand that makes no sense right?
  • 8:16pm John How did his teeth get knocked out at a thai restaurant?
  • Douche Bag Icon8:17pm Dj-vj Exeris but she left him 3 years ago and still isn’t free of him
    he keeps saying he wants to get divorced but then puts up all kinds of roadblocks
  • 8:17pm John  But how did his teeth get knocked out at a thai place?
  • 8:17pm Dj-vj Exeris he then lies and says he needs our address to file but that is BS (Author’s note -then why do THEY need MY address?)
  • 8:17pm John But how did his teeth get knocked out at a thai place?
  • 8:17pm Dj-vj Exeris they can’t file in NYC because neither of them has residency
    as soon as Ania gets residency she can file
  • 8:18pm John  Look he showed me some emails from her
    That’s how he got me on his side
    Have you seen them
  • 8:18pm John  So you see they make her look a little bad right?
    how did his teeth get knocked out at a thai place?
  • 8:19pm Dj-vj Exeris they didnt his teeth have never gotten knocked out
  • 8:19pm John  Wait wait wait
  • 8:19pm Dj-vj Exeris its even on his page (Author’s note – They BOTH BLOCKED ME. How are THEY seeing MY page?)
  • 8:19pm John  He’s missing teeth How did they get knocked out?
  • 8:20pm Dj-vj Exeris he says himself that he had a cavity
    he got a temporary filling
    and never went to get a permanent filling
  • 8:20pm John  He said they did a weekend in wildwood nj

    she had him sit her on a counter and she hit him in the mouth with her head on purpose

  • 8:20pm Dj-vj Exeris it spread to his root
  • 8:20pm John  Then leaned back and smiled
  • 8:21pm Dj-vj Exeris when was that? 

    what year?

  • 8:21pm John  That’s what he said
    He didn’t say
  • 8:21pm Dj-vj Exeris he bit into a lamb chop at a thai restaurant and his tooth got loose
    (Author’s note – If THIS is “true”, then why does it matter what year she head butted me in the mouth?)
  • 8:22pm John That’s not gonna make a tooth come out though I’m a paramedic There had to be trauma before that
  • 8:22pm Dj-vj Exeris the fact that he didnt get the filling done and then it infected the root
  • 8:23pm John I’m not takin sides but something’s not adding up, you dig?
    That’s not what he said
  • 8:23pm Dj-vj Exeris there were witnesses
    (Author’s note – Really? Produce these witnesses.)
  • 8:24pm John  He said he got a root canal because she pushed the tooth down with the head but and it was pressing on the nerve
    What witnesses? He called some guy when I was next to him He said she head butted him
    See what I mean?
  • 8:24pm Dj-vj Exeris also when did she supposedly get pregnant? did he tell you that?
  • 8:25pm John  He gave me the phone The guy said it too
    He said the pic in India is six months after she left
    He said they had sex in a dump hotel the night before she left
    No condom no birth control
  • 8:26pm Dj-vj Exeris she was in india 3 months and then nepal for 2.5
    (Author’s note – All that time in India and Nepal, and Ania Ziolkowska STILL MISSED THE MARK. Also, she’s lying. She was only in india until MAY, 2011. She then came back to Chris, in Baltimore, and PRETENDED to be in India, per her passport records.)
  • 8:26pm John Did she go to India in march? He said she went in march
  • 8:26pm Dj-vj Exeris end of february
  • 8:26pm John  Six months after she left him
  • 8:26pm Dj-vj Exeris like last day or so
  • 8:27pm John  He said she talked to him march first We’re you with her?
  • 8:27pm 

    Dj-vj Exeris you know the doctors can prove if someone has been pregnant or had a child she has never been pregnant

    (Author’s note – Remember this. There WILL be a “quiz”)

  • 8:27pm John  I know that
  • 8:27pm Dj-vj Exeris it can be proved by the doctors (Author’s note – Still paying attention?)
  • 8:27pm John    Is she willing to prove he’s crazy? That would help
  • 8:28pm Dj-vj Exeris we didn’t start dating till Januray 1st 2012 (Author’s note – What does this have to do with Ania Ziolkowska being pregnant?????)
  • 8:29pm John  So you don’t know anything but what she’s told you? Look I’m not takin sides and the fucker stole my phone but you gotta see where he might look right, right?
    I’m gonna kick his fuckin ass when I find him regardless
  • 8:31pm Dj-vj Exeris Yes I know more (Author’s note – It really doesn’t seem so, does it?)
  • 8:31pm John  I just wanna know why he’s so crazy and he seems to have a lot to back up his side
  • 8:32pm Dj-vj Exeris Well number one he is not in touch with reality. Or at least does’t appear to be IF he believes his lies. (Author’s note – More slander, but that’s to be expected of these two, right?)
  • 8:32pm John  But you gotta see that he seems coherent and got a lot of paperwork
  • 8:32pm Dj-vj Exeris He has twisted things in his head so much. Ania has proof.
  • 8:32pm John  He told me she tried to get a protection order on him
  • 8:33pm Dj-vj Exeris She can get proof that she never had a kid He is wrong about that simple thing! (Author’s note – This is actually Ania Ziolkowska speaking, but I won’t tell if you won’t tell…..)
  • 8:33pm John  Then he said she called him his family everybody right after she got it
  • 8:33pm Dj-vj Exeris She never tried to get protection order in NYC. She did get one in VA many years ago.
  • 8:33pm John  He’s got a statement that said she just wanted him to pay rent
    And she withdrew it
    He didn’t contact her. She just withdrew it
    That’s what he said
    See what I mean? (Author’s note – Wasn’t I the one that was supposed to be the “bully”? Why withdraw the protection order?)
  • 8:34pm Dj-vj Exeris Why has he not filed for a divorce yet?
  • 8:34pm John  He’s got a lot of people and shit to back him up He said he’s filing in New York
  • 8:34pm Dj-vj Exeris she even offered to pay him to file for a divorce.
  • 8:35pm John  He won’t take it
    (Author’s note – Because it doesn’t even come CLOSE to covering the teeth Ania Ziolkowska knocked out, among other debts her actions caused.)
  • 8:35pm Dj-vj Exeris but he cant file in new york for another year (Author’s note – This is STILL Ania Ziolkowska talking.)
  • 8:35pm John  He said New York rules are different and since she loves there he’s filing there. He’s already got a lawyer. Some chick
  • 8:36pmDj-vj Exeris so he is planning on waiting a year to file?
    (Author’s note – Isn’t that what Ania Ziolkowska is doing? Why does it matter if I wait a year, or Ania wait’s a year?)
  • 8:36pm John  Said the lawyer said since she lives there it don’t matter.
  • 8:36pm Dj-vj Exeris it does matter she needs to have lived there for 2 years (Author’s note – Why does Ania Ziolkowska care? The sooner the better, right? Why not be happy it can be SOONER?)
  • 8:36pm John  He said he’ll wait that long but the lawyer told him he can file now because she’s living there She can’t file but he can
  • 8:36pm Dj-vj Exeris doesn’t he want to start dating?
  • 8:37pm John  I’m gonna talk to a lawyer to see if he’s right I think he is
  • 8:37pm Dj-vj Exeris no, hes wrong
  • 8:37pm John  He says he won’t because he has her in adultery
  • 8:37pm Dj-vj Exeris one of the parties needs to have been a resident of NY for either party to file
  • 8:37pm John  He won’t give her the same option so he’s staying single The lawyer said the rules changed
  • 8:38pm Dj-vj Exeris no, they haven’t
  • 8:38pm John  Said he can file against her because she lives there Look buddy I don’t know
  • 8:38pm Dj-vj Exeris not for another year i know
  • 8:38pm John  That’s what the email from his lawyer said
  • 8:38pm Dj-vj Exeris have looked into it and consulted with lawyers did he tell you his lawyers lame (Author’s note – I have a “Burner” attorney in NYC on standby for retainer for BOTH cases. Ania Ziolkowska consulted with ONE VIRGINIA attorney – Nathan Olson. And why does she need my attorney’s name if she’s waiting a year to file anyway?)
  • 8:39pm John  He said he’s got her for abuse abandonment and adultery
  • 8:39pm John  I saw the email I got trashed after I don’t remember
  • 8:39pm Dj-vj Exeris you cant get alimony based on any of those (Author’s note – In VIRGINIA.)
  • 8:39pm John  Some chick in manhattan In New York you can
  • 8:40pm Dj-vj Exeris equal pay equal education (Author’s note – In VIRGINIA. Also, it’s apparently NOT equal, if Ania Ziolkowska can be in NYC for a YEAR and also be able to take a month long vacation to Eastern Europe this summer.)
  • 8:40pm John  That’s what the email said anyway
  • 8:40pm Dj-vj Exeris no alimony equal earning potential (Author’s note –Again,  In VIRGINIA. Also, it’s apparently NOT equal, if Ania Ziolkowska can be in NYC for a YEAR and also be able to take a month long vacation to Eastern Europe this summer.)
  • 8:40pm John  Look I don’t know
  • 8:40pm Dj-vj Exeris there is zero chance of alimony
    that is certain
    have already checked with lawyers (Author’s note – REALLY worried about that alimony, isn’t she?)
  • 8:40pm John Longo Is she working? Cuz if she is she might have some problems
  • 8:40pm Dj-vj Exeris why? problems with what? (Author’s note – “Why?”)
  • 8:41pm John   Why don’t she just file by newspaper in va?
  • 8:41pm Dj-vj Exeris because she doesnt have va residency
  • 8:41pm John  If she’s working and he’s right she might have problems That’s what the email said
  • 8:41pm Dj-vj Exeris but he can file if he lives there
  • 8:41pm John  It proves her residency too.
  • 8:42pm Dj-vj Exeris you mean alimony problems? not possible… (Author’s note – REALLLLLLY worried about that alimony, isn’t she?)
  • 8:42pm John Longo Yeah (Author’s note – Playing along at this point.)
  • 8:42pm Dj-vj Exeris even if she is working the law doesnt work that way (Author’s note – “IF”)
  • 8:42pm John Well his lawyer thinks different
  • 8:42pm Dj-vj Exeris they have the same earning potential
    (Author’s note –AGAIN,  In VIRGINIA. Also, it’s apparently NOT equal, if Ania Ziolkowska can be in NYC for a YEAR and also be able to take a month long vacation to Eastern Europe this summer.)
  • 8:42pm John If she ain’t working or of she’s in school no problem
  • 8:42pm Dj-vj Exeriand the same aproximate education no, doesnt work that way (Author’s note – So Ania Ziolkowska isn’t working, and isn’t in school, so what IS she doing? Pay attention. There WILL be a “quiz”.)
  • 8:43pm John Longo Look I don’t know
  • 8:43pm Dj-vj Exeris there is zero chance of alimony i know for sure (Author’s note – She really doesn’t, and isn’t good at bluffing.)
  • 8:43pm John  But that’s what the lawyer said
  • 8:43pm Dj-vj Exeris have checked with the best lawyers (Author’s note – Really? Because they can’t afford a tent for the Smoke on the Water Festival at Echo Lake on May 10, 2013, and Ania Ziolkowska HAD a $4oo Big Agnes tent – I have the same one – so…..)
  • 8:43pm John  So she got a lawyer?
  • 8:43pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like you need a better lawyer
    a much better lawyer
    one that knows the law (Author’s note – Sounds like Ania Ziolkowska needs a NEW YORK lawyer, not a VIRGINIA one.)
  • 8:43pm John  She can file by newspaper in va if she knows he lives there
  • 8:44pm Dj-vj Exeris he can file in va if thats where he lives
    she will file in nyc in 1 yr
    she cant prove his residency
    (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska doesn’t have the money. She’s getting “haughty”. This is when you know Ania has trapped herself in her own web of lies.)
  • 8:44pm John  But she can file in va too
    Why can’t she?
    I got divorced like that
    Wife dipped
  • 8:45pm Dj-vj Exeris he has already tried (Author’s note – No, she really didn’t.)
  • 8:45pm John  Had to hire a PI
  • 8:45pm Dj-vj Exeris but he gave a different address to the lawyer
    she did hire a pi (Author’s note – Remember that “address” point from several lines up? Also, she paid $100 to a PI, gave him my SSN, found I have not submitted change of address forms, gave up.)
  • 8:45pm John Then had to use last know address So why didn’t she file?
  • 8:45pm Dj-vj Exeris she did file he provided a va address so she filed (Author’s note – Why did she need an address? Didn’t she say I don’t need an address for THEM?)
  • 8:45pm John  So why ain’t they divorced? If she hired a PI she’s working so that’s good But she coulda used that to get divorced
  • 8:46pm Dj-vj Exeris but then after filing he gave the lawyer a dc address so the lawyer had to drop the case
  • 8:46pm John Why didn’t she So? She could still file
  • 8:47pm Dj-vj Exeris she can not prove his residency
  • 8:47pm John Ad in a newspaper where she thinks she is and end that’s it Didn’t her lawyer tell her that?
  • 8:47pm Dj-vj Exeris she cant file in va because she is not a resident there any more (Author’s note – That’s not what was asked, was it?)
  • 8:48pm John But if she thinks he is she can still file That’s what I had to do
  • 8:48pm Dj-vj Exeris its not enough to file based on you have to have proof of residency (Author’s note – Untrue. Not for filing by newspaper. Why is she resisting filing by newspaper? Why is Ania Ziolkowska delaying this one more year? SHE want’s to be divorced, right?)
  • 8:49pm John  Miserable bitch dipped so I hired a PI and filed in the newspaper
  • 8:49pm Dj-vj Exeris you had residency she doesnt
  • 8:49pm John  The court accepted it and I got remarried
  • 8:49pm Dj-vj Exeris no idea where the guy is maybe dc maybe va
  • 8:49pm John  Naw. This was in Florida. I’m in Yonkers
  • 8:49pm John Longo Why didn’t she just do this clean?
  • 8:50pm Dj-vj Exeris they were talking about a divorce when she was in poland
  • 8:50pm John  Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem of she just sat down with him and told him how it was
  • 8:50pm Dj-vj Exeris he wouldnt provide his lawyers name
  • 8:50pm John  He showed me the emails and played me the recordings
    She kept saying she had not come to that decision yet
    It looks like she jerked him around man
    It looks like she was eating for him to come find her
  • 8:51pm Dj-vj Exeris there are emails where she asks for his lawyers info but he wont give it to him
  • 8:51pm John  I’m just saying
  • 8:51pm Dj-vj Exeris she did not jerk him around she was very up front about it
  • 8:51pm John That’s after she got back. He showed me those He showed me everything
  • 8:51pm Dj-vj Exeris no, she asked for his lawyers name when she was in poland
  • 8:51pm John He wasn’t nice in a lot of those emails But from what he told me I couldn’t blame him Now I don’t know He showed me all the emails She didn’t ask for that
  • 8:52pm Dj-vj Exeris she separated from him in May of 2010 (Author’s note – Remember this point. There WILL be a quiz.)
  • 8:52pm John She had her bro send something but she never asked for it He said she left end if September 2010 There ain’t no legal separation on file
  • 8:53pm Dj-vj Exeris yes, but before then they were on and off, (Author’s note – Really? News to me, since we lived together for the entire ten years.)
  • 8:53pm John  He said he looked
  • 8:53pm Dj-vj Exeris 1 party can not file for legal separation that is an agreement between two people they didnt speak or have sex for many months till just before she left
  • 8:54pm John  He said they lived together until some quack marriage counselor told them to live separate and date Said she didn’t last one day and he was trying to Do what the counselor asked
  • 8:54pm Dj-vj Exeris and they only got married because he wanted to use his va home loan to buy a condo
  • 8:54pm John So she had sex before they left right? So she married him to get a house? Do you see how that sounds?
  • 8:55pm Dj-vj Exeris they were going to buy a condo together there was no engagement
  • 8:55pm John But do you see how that sounds?
  • 8:55pm Dj-vj Exeris just a quick marriage before work
  • 8:55pm John She married him to get the house, right? And a honeymoon in Puerto Rico he said
  • 8:56pm Dj-vj Exeris he married her to get a condo she wanted to be married
  • 8:56pm John He said she proposed to him and set everything up
  • 8:56pm Dj-vj Exeris because she was hoping that if they got married, he would finally believe her (Author’s note – Again, WHY did Ania Ziolkowska have to “prove she was a good person?”)
  • 8:56pm John Even the honeymoon
  • 8:56pm Dj-vj Exeris but nothing changed after they got married
  • 8:56pm John So she had to prove she was a good person and married him for a condo? That don’t sound right man. He said she got worse after they get married
  • 8:57pm Dj-vj Exeris the relationship was always on the rocks some people just shouldnt be together
  • 8:57pm John He’s carrying journals around that she wrote
    She said right after they got married she wasn’t gonna talk to him any more
    Something about how her words were hiring him.
    It’s not his handwriting that’s for damn sure
    He said he’s got something from her ex Before him
  • 8:59pm Dj-vj Exeris this guy just needs to move on with his life there are other women out there (Author’s note – SEE how DISMISSIVE she becomes when anything concerning HER fault is mentioned?)
  • 8:59pm John He said she abused some guy named Charles too
  • 8:59pm Dj-vj Exeris he might be a better match with someone else well this guy had a prior with his ex (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska – “the attention needs to get off of ME….”)
  • 8:59pm John Said she spent this dudes entire trust fund
  • 8:59pm Dj-vj Exeris she had a protection order against him he spent months in jail for violating it (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska – “the attention needs to get off of ME….People can’t know my PAST….”)
  • 9:00pm John He showed me the report got it from Seattle in case she tried to use that
    Shows they both had orders against each other and his is time stamped before hers
  • 9:00pm Dj-vj Exeris when this guy met Ania he blamed all his problems on his ex
    now he blames all his problems on Ania
    same pattern (Author’s note – Actually, THAT NEVER HAPPENED.)
  • 9:01pm John He went first but told her she was and they give em out like candy in Seattle
    So she called and he didn’t
    That’s what he said
    Told me she apologized to him on stage at some show in Seattle
    I’m just tellin you what he said
  • 9:03pm Dj-vj Exeris why doesnt this guy just move on with his life?
     shes moved on
     and tells others about him
  • 9:04pm John Maybe she don’t want to admit some things? I don’t know but he’s got a lot of shit.
  • 9:04pm Dj-vj Exeris he is the one who talks about her non stop
    he is obsessed with her
    his whole fb page and now his web page is about her
  • 9:04pm John He has an email from her about how she used to talk to people about him
    Says she lied to people so they would feel sorry for her
    Says she with you because you’re popular
  • 9:05pm Dj-vj Exeris now he lies to people (Author’s note – This point is sad, as nearly every line that’s been said here by THEM is a PROVABLE lie.)
  • 9:05pm John Says she got with him for the same reason
  • 9:05pm Dj-vj Exeris he says she had his kid and sold it that is complete and utter bs
  • 9:05pm John But can you prove that? He can he’s got paper and shit from her
  • 9:05pm Dj-vj Exeris i cant think of a lie worse than that
    prove what ?
  • 9:06pm John Can you prove he’s lying about anything? Everything?
  • 9:06pm Dj-vj Exeris about her having his kid?
  • 9:06pm John Longo Can you prove it?
  • 9:06pm Dj-vj Exeris yeah, there are tons of pics from her in Poland and india and nepal. she was never pregnant
    (Author’s note – Wait, wait, WAIT….what happened to “Doctors can prove that”? Pictures prove NOTHING. baggy clothes in India and Nepal, and you can be pregnant and not even show. Notice how they backed away from SCIENTIFIC proof?)
  • 9:06pm John Right now it looks like she beat him up dipped out and he’s got everything to say he can be passed off at her
    So she went on a vacation
    That’s not proof
  • lots of people leave relationships
    he should have left if he was unhappy (Author’s note – She just realized her argument wasn’t convincing, so now she has to justify the “Why” of it.)
  • 9:07pm John She didn’t get a separation and he’s got shit that says she led him on
    He said he was in love with her tried counseling everything
  • 9:08pm Dj-vj Exeris all he says not is how badly she treated him, but she is the best gf i have ever had
    we dont even argue (Author’s note – Is it obvious that this is Ania Ziolkowska, yet? Not that it matters. For all intents and purposes, it is still Chris M Sevanick, legally.)
  • 9:08pm John Did she call him a nigger and not say she was sorry until she was told to? That’s what he said
  • 9:08pm Dj-vj Exeris for a year and a half
    did he ever call her any names? (Author’s note – Was that the question? See the refusal for accountability? For someone that has been to India and Nepal, and spent so long in yoga, WHY IS THE SAME BEHAVIOR SHE ALWAYS HAD STILL PRESENT?????)
  • 9:08pm John Said she would call him a nigger and not say she was sorry until he told her she needed to
    That’s not what I asked buddy
    You know that
  • 9:09pm Dj-vj Exeris listen, people say things they later regret (Author’s note – That’s still not an apology, restitution, or EFFORT, is it? It’s just a less than creative way to dodge responsibility.)
  • 9:09pm John Lets be straight here
  • 9:09pm Dj-vj Exeris they learn from their mistakes (Author’s note – What did Ania Ziolkowska “LEARN”, exactly? So far it was leave a mess SHE made (running away from those she hurts), travel the world (selfish self delusion), jump in someone else’s bed (selfish survival), this time a white guy, convince everyone she is better than she actually is (deception), and try to act as though she’s done nothing wrong (Narcissistic Personality Disorder 101), ever. Ania Ziolkowska has ALWAYS done this, so I’m still wanting to see what she’s learned.)
  • 9:09pm John Did she do that? But he said she kept doing it
    Would whisper it in his ear
  • 9:09pm Dj-vj Exeris she hasnt talked to him at all in 3 yrs (Author’s note – Not what was asked, was it?)
  • 9:10pm John Has friends that saw her do it
    That’s what he says
    Look I’m not racist I’d have a problem with that
  • 9:10pm Dj-vj Exeris could you hold on a sec?
  • 9:10pm John Sure whatever
  • 9:13pm Dj-vj Exeris his friends also saw him treat her badly
    listen, from what i hear it just wasnt a good relationship (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska said the same thing about Charles, the boyfriend before me, her husband.)
  • 9:13pm John His friends said she treated him badly he called a bunch of people while he was here.
    Said he knew she would do that so he found everyone for the divorce
  • 9:14pm Dj-vj Exeris so why did he stay with her?
  • 9:14pm John But who’s fault was that really?
    He said he loved her
  • 9:14pm Dj-vj Exeris does he enjoy being in a bad relationship? (Author’s note – Does she enjoy destroying every relationship she’s in when her lies catch up to her?)
  • 9:14pm John He wanted kids with her
    He just wanted her to stop beating him up that’s what he said
  • 9:15pm Dj-vj Exeris he must, because instead of moving on and finding a happy relationship, he is still bad mouthing her (Author’s note – See the concern by Ania Ziolkowksa of her IMAGE over everything else? NO acknowledgment of her wrongs or actions. Only constant deflection toward the victim she created, while attempting to make herself a “victim”.)
  • 9:15pm John One sec
  • 9:15pm Dj-vj Exeris he would rather complain about what he says happened years ago than to be happy (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska destroyed EVERYTHING about our lives, my jobs, my credit, my home, my sanity, and in the process stole my dreams – going to India, living in NYC – while leaving me broke and penniless in a recession, and then just jumped in someone else’s bed, her life handed to her, by both stealing and destroying mine. “Let them eat cake!” is how Ania Ziolkowska sounds. And, as usual, she NEVER is required to face karma, somehow passing it to those she was closest to. She did the exact same thing to Charles, before me, leaving him broke, and nearly homeless, and just went home to mommy and daddy, and then a buddhist monastery and crewed on a sailboat for a short time.)
  • 9:17pm John But he wanted to know why she can’t admit what she did. That’s all the fucker talked about how she treated him like shit and just won’t admit it even when everybody else saw it
    He’s gotta have at least 20 witnesses. He called that many peeps
  • 9:17pm Dj-vj Exeris did you see the emails he posted?
  • And they make her look nuts
    Just saying
  • 9:17pm Dj-vj Exeris she did admit and apologize
    he wouldnt accept her apologies (Author’s note – “If anything an apology from a Narc is yet another way of excersizing his “power” and control over you in order to get what he wants — Narcissistic Supply. Because apologies don’t have to be sincere to work in the Narcs favor.” – see the link)
  • 9:18pm John He said she apologized before after he told her she needed to and then kept getting worse like she resented having to apologize
  • 9:18pm Dj-vj Exeris everyone makes mistakes in every relationship (Author’s note – Do I even have to say it?)
  • 9:18pm John He said she put no work behind the apology (Author’s note – An apology is “apology, restitution, and effort”. Ania Ziolkowska made GENERAL apologies, after being TOLD SHE NEEDED TO, and none of the rest.)
  • 9:19pm Dj-vj Exeris no one is gona think it is crazy that they didnt get along all the time
  • 9:19pm John Just kept treatin him like worse shit
  • 9:19pm Dj-vj Exeris he only saw what he wanted to see (Author’s note – Apparently so did Charles and everyone else she left behind, except Eva Annika Backstrom, the ex girlfriend of Chris M Sevanick, that connected the two of them, and Uzi Grindler, Annika’s boyfriend that stabbed me in the back.)
  • 9:19pm John But look at how you sound buddy
  • 9:19pm Dj-vj Exeris listen, they were together a while
    (Author’s note – Not really helping her case with this one.)
  • 9:19pm John I’m not takin sides. I just want my fuckin phone
  • 9:19pm Dj-vj Exeris they both grew up and changed (Author’s note – Again, HOW did Ania Ziolkowska “change”, exactly? So far it was leave a mess SHE made (running away from those she hurts), travel the world (selfish self delusion), jump in someone else’s bed (selfish survival)this time a white guy, convince everyone she is better than she actually is (deception), and try to act as though she’s done nothing wrong (Narcissistic Personality Disorder 101), ever. Ania Ziolkowska has ALWAYS done this, so I’m still wanting to see what she’s “Changed”.)
  • 9:19pm John But it looks like your talkin for her
    And makin excuses for her
    Like she can’t do it herself
    See how that looks?
  • 9:20pm John That don’t do much for his mental state I think that’s why he’s crazy
    He’s textbook PTSD
    I saw that shit in 911
  • 9:21pm Dj-vj Exeris i am not making any judgements
    dont need to
  • 9:21pm John She did a number on him
    Right right you got his girl
    Why should you?
    I don’t give a shit
  • 9:22pm Dj-vj Exeris the only reason she hasnt gotten a divorce yet is because she cant
    she is not his girl
    (Author’s note – Notice the irritation? This is the beginning of Narcissistic Rage Response. Ania Ziolkowska actually threw SEVERAL tantrums while with me, in PUBLIC. One in Springfield Mall, in Springfield, VA, in front of my mother, and one at 2 Amy’s, in DC, off Wisconsin Ave., in front of Annika, Uzi, and the ENTIRE RESTAURANT. )
  • 9:22pm John I just want my fuckin phone back and I’m done with this shit
  • 9:22pm Dj-vj Exeris and hasnt been for way before we started dating
  • 9:22pm John But you don’t sound right and by law she is
    And that’s all he needs
  • 9:22pm Dj-vj Exeris she is not his property (Author’s note – See the rage rising?)
  • 9:22pm John Who said property?
    She agreed she set up the wedding she set up the honeymoon
    She didn’t try to work shit out is what he said
    She just bossed him around is what he said
  • 9:23pm Dj-vj Exeris and when the relationship didnt work out she left (Author’s note – Translation, we couldn’t buy the condo, because the conversion changed back to apartments, so she had nothing to gain, and left. See the link for “Narcissistic Supply”.)
  • 9:23pm John Work for who?
    He’s got bills from counselors and is gonna make then give statements
  • 9:24pm Dj-vj Exeris for him the way he makes it sound (Author’s note – So…..wait a minute….it didn’t work for ME, so Ania Ziolkowska left? WHAT?!?!?)
  • 9:24pm John They don’t do that you know that
    I’m beginning to see why he’s crazy
  • 9:25pm Dj-vj Exeris do you think hes crazy? (Author’s note – Why does THAT matter?)
  • 9:25pm John I think he’s pissed
    So you been with her since January 1st of 2012, right?
  • 9:26pm Dj-vj Exeris why is he pissed? (Author’s note – Did she SERIOUSLY just ask that question?)
  • 9:26pm John I think from what we talked about he might have real good reason to be pissed off
    So you been with her since January 1st of 2012, right?
  • 9:27pm Dj-vj Exeris we started dating Jan 1 2012
    what reason does he have to be pissed?
    hes the one posting her personal info on fb (Author’s note – Am I the ONLY one that sees the absolute narcissism in that statement?)
  • 9:28pm John  Look he tried to work things out with her and she kept leading him on
  • 9:28pm Dj-vj Exeris how did she lead him on?
  • 9:28pm John He says she went to India knowing he wanted to go since 2001
    Then moved to NYC when he kept begging her to
  • 9:28pm Dj-vj Exeris when she left for India he was asking for her address in Poland to send the divorce papers to
  • 9:29pm John Something about how it was too cold and her knees or some shit
    Can you prove that?
  • 9:29pm Dj-vj Exeris he can go to India whenever he wants
    and she didnt want to move to ny
    i was gonna move there already (Author’s note – 1. See how dismissive Ania Ziolkowska is on the India issue? Had to steal my ideas. She is incapable of an original thought. 2. If Ania did not want to move to NYC she would not have. Chris is her next “HOME”, her next bed she jumped into to have a “HOME”. He’s so gullibly dense and obsessed he couldn’t see the obvious?)
  • 9:29pm John He’s got nothing saying that and he showed me every email
  • 9:29pm Dj-vj Exeris before we started dating (Author’s note – just digging that gold digger hole deeper, huh?)
  • 9:29pm John So why is she in NYC then?
    Because of you?
    And you don’t see why he’s pissed?
    You don’t see that?
    Forget I asked that.
    So what about her spending all the money?
  • 9:30pm Dj-vj Exeris and she didnt talk to him for a year and a half after that last conversation about a divorce (Author’s note – Not entirely true, however Ania Ziolkowska had to make sure she had another bed to jump into, before deciding to file for divorce. She can’t survive ALONE.)
  • 9:30pm John He said she kept them broke while she loved large and he even made more than her
  • 9:31pm Dj-vj Exeris and even that conversation was requesting an address for a divorce
  • 9:31pm John You still don’t see why he’s pissed off?
  • 9:31pm Dj-vj Exeris they have been talking about a divorce for years now
  • 9:31pm John Man I can see why he’s pissed off
  • 9:31pm Dj-vj Exeris when she left she left him with everything
    the apartment
    even paid for the apartment for a whole year
    gave him half of her 401K
  • 9:32pm John He said she caused him to get a DUI because he was trying to get away from her while fighting
    Said Shee lost him three jobs and two apartments
    Lost him his car
    She tell you anything About that?
  • 9:32pm Dj-vj Exeris he got a DUI because he swallowed a whole jar of ambien or some other such pills and then got into a car
    he didnt have to do that
    she didnt make him do that
    you see how he is not taking responsibility for his actions? (Author’s note – JAR???? Also, there are details missing to that explanation, as she full well knows.)
  • 9:33pm John He said he did not get half her 401k she paid for an apartment so she wouldn’t have no eviction on her record
  • 9:33pm Dj-vj Exeris he wrecked his car
  • 9:33pm John He told me about that but why was she fighting with him? (Author’s note – first time asked. Pay attention. This is a tactic Ania uses.)
  • 9:33pm Dj-vj Exeris she saved both of them from having an eviction on their record. she didnt have to do that
  • 9:34pm John He told me all that. But why was she fighting with him and why did he leave?
    She saved herself from having an eviction then
  • 9:34pm Dj-vj Exeris the point is he took the pills and got into the car
  • 9:34pm John Look I sorta don’t care but none of this makes sense
    Why did he leave?
  • 9:35pm Dj-vj Exeris didnt he tell you?
    leaving is not a crime, but getting into a car after taking so many pills is
  • 9:35pm John Because she was fighting with him and she tried that domestic violence thing before so he left
  • 9:35pm Dj-vj Exeris he was lucky not to have killed anyone (Author’s note – Avoidance.)
  • 9:36pm John He said he wished they’d left him in his burning car after finding out what she did
    He has the report where she told them they were fighting and he left
  • 9:36pm Dj-vj Exeris doesnt change the fact that he took a whole bottle of pills and got into a car (Author’s note – Deferral of fault. Still doesn’t acknowledge the FIGHT.)
  • 9:36pm John Then calmly told then she thought he was trying to kill himself and what he took
    Was she fighting with him?
    Did she try to do that before?
    You seein where it makes no sense?
    It was his place why would he leave?
  • 9:37pm Dj-vj Exeris makes sense that if he was laying passed out she would be afraid for his life and tell the police he took pills (Author’s note – HOW does that answer the question, and what does that have to do with the question? )
  • 9:38pm John Unless she was fighting with him and he didn’t want to deal with her lying to the cops
  • 9:38pm Dj-vj Exeris and its not her fault he took the pills
    and got into a car (Author’s note – STILL avoiding that fight point, isn’t she? Deferral and deflection. Narcissism one oh one.)
  • 9:38pm John Why was she fighting with him? (Author’s note – This is the THIRD time this question has been asked DIRECTLY.)
  • 9:38pm Dj-vj Exeris he could have killed someone (Author’s note – Deflected again. You get the point, so I will not point it out any longer.)
  • 9:39pm John Why was she fighting with him? (Author’s note – This is the FOURTH time this question has been asked DIRECTLY.)
  • 9:39pm Dj-vj Exeris lots of people fight
  • 9:39pm John Why was she fighting with him? (Author’s note – This is the FIFTH time this question has been asked DIRECTLY.)
  • 9:39pm Dj-vj Exeris but who takes a bottle of pills and gets into a car? (Author’s note – Avoidance. Attempting to put the onus upon the victim. Victim blaming.)
  • 9:39pm John Why was she fighting with him? (Author’s note – This is the SIXTH time this question has been asked DIRECTLY.)
  • 9:39pm Dj-vj Exeris that is really irresponsible (Author’s note – OMISSION and victim blaming.)
  • 9:39pm John Why was she fighting with him? (Author’s note – This is the SEVENTH time this question has been asked DIRECTLY.)
  • 9:40pm Dj-vj Exeris beyond irresponsible
    he could have killed someone (Author’s note – Further attempt at redirection from the TRUTH.)
  • 9:40pm John Look it looks like he’s not the only one avoiding their issues (Author’s note – Obviously THEY are avoiding more than I am.)
  • 9:40pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like they were both arguing with each other
    and it sounds like they did that a lot
  • 9:41pm John I deal with psych patients all the time and she hasn’t accepted her fault in anything That’s just my two cents
  • 9:41pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like it was a good thing that the relationship ended (Author’s note – Here’s where the Narcissistic Personality Disorder aspect of Ania Ziolkowska REALLY shows. All that yoga, all that mediation, India, Nepal, and still THE EXACT SAME ISSUES. Actually, DUE to all of that, she has gotten WORSE.)
  • 9:41pm John I’m not judging, but you might wanna really wonder why she’s really with you.
  • 9:41pm Dj-vj Exeris and you can tell by whats going on now who the victim was all along (Author’s note – YES, we CAN.)
  • 9:42pm John Just lookin out for my boy
  • 9:42pm Dj-vj Exeris he says he is the victim (Author’s note – And Ania Ziolkowska’s words and actions PROVE THAT TO BE TRUE.)
  • 9:42pm John He’s fucked up yeah (Author’s note – Playing along, obviously.)
  • 9:42pm Dj-vj Exeris but he is the one posting her personal info on facebook (Author’s note – Concern with image and reputation. Narcissistic Personality Disorder 101.)
  • 9:42pm John But she don’t sound right either
  • 9:42pm Dj-vj Exeris that show intent to harm someone (Author’s note – Really? I’m pretty sure it only “injures” Ania Ziolkowska’s EGO and PRIDE.)
  • 9:42pm John Just because she avoids it don’t mean it didn’t happen
  • 9:42pm Dj-vj Exeris normal people just dont do that (Author’s note – Of course, because Ania Ziolkowska is the benchmark for “normal”, correct?)
  • 9:42pm John I ain’t seen no attempt to harm nobody
  • 9:43pm Dj-vj Exeris he is still writing emails to her friends and family even though they have told him to stop
    that is not normal (Author’s note – Concern for reputation. Ania Ziolkowska has no issue of people only knowing HER side, however did not like her words being sent to her friends, as they showed she was lying and only telling a lie. I will post that email when it is found.)
  • 9:43pm John I see a guy pissed off cuz somebody he loved fucked him over bad
  • 9:43pm Dj-vj Exeris everyone can see that
    he is a bully
    everyone can see that (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska really needs to revisit the definition of “Bully”. “Ally Building” is part of being a “bully”, which she and Exeris are guilty of.)
  • 9:43pm John And this ain’t helping that much
  • 9:43pm Dj-vj Exeris he is obsessive (Author’s note – Obsessive? And what, may I ask, is cherry picking people I met as friends a year before her, while she was out of the country? I wouldn’t exactly call that “NORMAL” or “SANE”.)
  • 9:43pm John Can you blame him?
  • 9:43pm Dj-vj Exeris and cant move on with his life
    that is not normal
    there is no blame (Author’s note – Then why BEGIN the conversation SLANDEROUSLY? Of course, Ania Ziolkowska has “moved on”…..)
  • 9:43pm John Looks like she bullied him for 10 years
    Can you blame him?
  • 9:44pm Dj-vj Exeris this is just an observation of what is going on right now
    she does not post negative things about him online (Author’s note – No, Ania just gets her new “friends” to do that FOR her. Links to follow.)
  • 9:44pm John Look I’m gonna find him and get my phone back but I’m not sure I’m gonna kick his ass now
  • 9:44pm Dj-vj Exeris based on his behavior now, he is making it look like he is the one who bullied her for 9 years (Author’s note – Interesting. This entire conversation to this point OBVIOUSLY supports that.)
  • 9:44pm John She’s avoidant and worried about how she looks don’t mean she’s right
  • 9:45pm Dj-vj Exeris and is continuing that behavior now
    how is she worried about how she looks?
    he is the one on the defensive
    the one attacking her (Author’s note – Wait, wait, wait…..isn’t “HE” the one that opened the conversation with slanderous statements of my having supposedly done “METH for THREE YEARS” – which is physically impossible, by the way – and “tones of E” – which there are pictures of her under the influence of?)
  • 9:45pm John Look from what I see she whatever her name is Anya? Avoids what she does to peeps and just goes to new peeps to pretend she wasn’t like that
    How can he be defensive and attacking?
    My wife was like that
  • 9:46pm Dj-vj Exeris he thinks he needs to be defensive (Author’s note – ????)
  • 9:46pm John Then she left and I divorced her
  • 9:46pm Dj-vj Exeris but she is not attacking him (Author’s note – Numbers 1 and 5 of THIS LIST)
  • 9:46pm John That makes no sense
    Looks like she messed up and just left instead of working it out
    That’s what my wife did
  • 9:47pm Dj-vj Exeris ok, so you divorced your wife. why can’t this guy divorce Ania? (Author’s note – Why can’t Ania divorce ME?)
  • 9:48pm John Why can’t she admit what she did?
  • 9:48pm Dj-vj Exeris she tried to work it out, and finally why she realized there was no hope of ever working anything out, she left
    that was years ago (Author’s note – Hector : “So I’m supposed to treat YOU like gold, and you can treat me however you WANT?” Ania Ziolkowska [sitting on the back of our couch in a black dress] – “YES!” – For Ania, that’s “trying to work it out.”)
  • 9:48pm John The counselors don’t say that
    Looks like he just wouldn’t let her walk all over him anymore so she left
  • 9:49pm Dj-vj Exeris he had her post everything she ever did wrong on her facebook for all of her friends to see
    she did that
  • 9:49pm John Just saying
  • 9:49pm Dj-vj Exeris but it wasnt good enough for him
    nothing she did was ever good enough for him
  • 9:49pm John No he told me about that. She made some general statement with no details and then she said he hacked her account (Author’s note – This is true. Ania Ziolkowska gave me the password to her account, due to her past lying, and it was exactly as said above.)
  • 9:50pm Dj-vj Exeris there were details (Author’s note – See the anger? Ania Ziolkowska is caught in her lie of “I’m such a victim!”)
  • 9:50pm John He said she’d just embarrass him in front of peeps and act like it never happened.
  • 9:50pm Dj-vj Exeris so why did he stay with her?
    that doesnt add up
  • 9:51pm John Does she still have the post? Can she prove it?
    Because he loved her
    That part adds up
    We do stupid shit for love (Author’s note – At THIS point they should have figured out who they were actually talking to. She knows she is lying about the post.)
  • 9:51pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like an unhealthy love
    or maybe not love at all (Author’s note – Minimization of the other party to justify her own wrong doing. That is symptomatic of sociopathy.)
  • 9:51pm John She stayed too
    He loved her
  • 9:51pm Dj-vj Exeris people make mistakes (Author’s note – Further minimization.)
  • 9:52pm John Looks like she never loved him
    Just used him
    Looks like she’s got a habit if using peeps.
  • 9:53pm John Said she jumped into bed with her ex before him to get out of her parents house at 18
  • 9:53pm Dj-vj Exeris like they were both at a bad place in their lives when they got together (Author’s note – Ania tries to get you to “share” in HER fault. She can’t survive alone, and she can’t be AT FAULT ALONE.)
  • 9:53pm John Said she jumped into his bed to get out of her parents house again
    Now she jumped in your bed
    Spent everybody’s money
    Left when they caught on
  • 9:54pm Dj-vj Exeris she doesnt spend my money (Author’s note – Lie. If she asks him to buy her something, she’s spending HIS MONEY.)
  • 9:54pm John This looks like a pattern to me
  • 9:54pm Dj-vj Exeris we split everything 50 50
    so your pattern doesnt match (Author’s note – Who want’s to bet that’s a lie also?)
  • 9:54pm John You only been with her a year and a half
  • 9:54pm John She always does it near the end he said
  • 9:54pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like her relationship with him was always the same
  • 9:55pm John And the one before him
    See it?
  • not with me (Author’s note – I wonder if he realizes how he looks right now?)
  • 9:55pm John Went to a Buddhist monastery when Charles got her to leave
    Went to yoga and India this time
    That looks like a pattern.
  • 9:56pm Dj-vj Exeris nothing wrong with going to a buddhist monastery
    or to yoga and india
  • 9:56pm John Something wrong with doing it after every relationship she walked out on
  • 9:57pm Dj-vj Exeris she says she went to the buddhist monastery at the beginning of her relationship with Charles
  • 9:57pm John He says different and so does Charles he got a statement
    Says Charles told him she cheated on him while they were together
  • 9:57pm Dj-vj Exeris no, she has never cheated (Author’s note – How does HE know? Charles refuses to have ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER.)
  • 9:57pm John And she used to attack him
  • 9:57pm Dj-vj Exeris on anyone (Author’s note – Get ready for THIS one……)
  • 9:58pm John She’s cheating now. By law.
  • 9:58pm Dj-vj Exeris she is not in a relationship with him
    she just cant get a divorce yet
    thats not her fault (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska could have filed by publication, remember?)
  • 9:58pm John She’s not separated that’s still cheating he’s got her on that
    She didn’t try to get separated did she?
  • 9:59pm Dj-vj Exeris its not cheating if you’re not in a relationship with the other person anymore
    he brought up divorce when she was still in Poland before India (Author’s note – I asked REPEATEDLY if that was what ANIA wanted. Ania refused to decide – “I haven’t come to that decision yet…”she needed another bed to jump into, another “SUCKER” first. That’s voice recorded from skype.)
  • 9:59pm John By law she’s cheating not divorced no separation she’s cheating
    He’s got recordings
  • 10:00pm Dj-vj Exeris they have been separated since September 2010
    (Author’s note – Chris Sevanick / Ania Ziolkowska said MAY 2010 before, remember?)
  • 10:00pm John She did not say she wanted a divorce
    He’s got emails that say she was just there to figure thugs out
  • 10:00pm Dj-vj Exeris yes, she did
    he would not provide his lawyer’s name
    says he wanted to mail the paperwork to her brother’s house
  • 10:01pm John After she was already with you, right? So she’s cheating now and was then
    He’s got all the emails
  • 10:01pm Dj-vj Exeris no, that was in February 2011
    1 year before we started dating
  • 10:01pm John No it was June of 2012
  • 10:02pm Dj-vj Exeris that was the 2nd time she asked for the paperwork for a divorce
  • 10:02pm John She’s not gonna look good in any of this
  • 10:02pm Dj-vj Exeris like I said, they hadn’t seen each other since September of 2010
  • 10:03pm John The court won’t see it that way. I see that shit all the time
    It’s like she wants things to be her way but that’s not how it is
  • 10:03pm Dj-vj Exeris she has spoken to lawyers
  • 10:03pm John I’m just try na warn you man
  • 10:04pm John Lawyers will tell you anything for cash and you know that.
    (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska saw ONE attorney in Virginia. The rest is her going off of information I sent her via email, calling her bluff. However, since she can file by newspaper in any state, why is she stalling?)
  • 10:04pm Dj-vj Exeris this guy just doesnt know his stuff
  • 10:04pm John Looks like she’s not telling everything herself
  • 10:04pm Dj-vj Exeris its very open and shut
  • 10:04pm John Or else she’d be divorced by now and this wouldn’t be an issue
  • 10:04pm Dj-vj Exeris no property, no kids
    thats all there is to it
  • 10:05pm John That’s in va. NYC is different
  • 10:05pm Dj-vj Exeris the only reason she is not divorced yet is because she cant file
  • 10:05pm John Because nobody owns shit in NYC
  • 10:05pm Dj-vj Exeris she would have filed when she returned from Poland, but she didnt have residency
    that is the only reason she is not divorced yet
    its very clear (Author’s note – The REAL reason is Ania Ziolkowska had not found another bed to jump into yet.)
  • 10:06pm John That’s not sounding right. She can divorce by newspaper I did it
    That’s not sounding right. She can divorce by newspaper I did it
    She had residency until she moved to NYC
  • 10:06pm Dj-vj Exeris no, she didnt
  • 10:06pm John She had a va license right?
    So she had residency
  • 10:07pm Dj-vj Exeris she left va for a year
    when she came back she didnt have residency
  • 10:07pm John That’s not how it works
  • 10:07pm Dj-vj Exeris or at least not domesticity
    yes, it is
  • 10:07pm John She was traveling as long as she had a license she had residency
    What lawyers did she talk to?
    We’re thy just billing for hours buddy?
  • 10:08pm Dj-vj Exeris otherwise the lawyers would have happily taken her money for a divorce when she got back
    you need residency and domesticity
    she didnt live in VA for 6 months prior to wanting to file
    so she couldnt file
    only reason she doesnt have a divorce right now (Author’s note – Untrue. Ania Ziolkowska could have used a last known address and filed via publication. If I were her boyfriend, I would want to know why she has not done this.)
  • 10:11pm John Look, she had residency in va She coulda filed in va it looks like she as waiting for him to find her and when he didn’t she just jumped in your sack That’s what it looks like and that’s what a NYC judge will say
  • 10:11pm John  I’m just lettin you know from my experience
  • 10:11pm Dj-vj Exeris if you dont believe me, look it up
    if she wasnt living in va for 6 months prior to filing, she couldnt have filed (Author’s note – Like Ania looked it up, and is saying she went to “the best lawyers”?)
  • 10:11pm John What a lawyer tells you and what happens are two different thugs
  • 10:11pm Dj-vj Exeris thats the law (Author’s note – Ania Ziolkowska could have filed by newspaper by now.)
  • 10:12pm John  Just coz she was traveling doesn’t mean she wasn’t a resident
    He’s got her last address in va so she still looks like a resident on paper
    And if she was being clean about it why all the game playing?
    Why not just he clean about it?
    I can see why he’s pissed.
  • 10:13pm Dj-vj Exeris she wasnt in va for 6 months prior to wanting to file, so she couldnt file
    thats as clean as it comes (Author’s note – Is she insane? Clean is discussion of separation, the mediation process, communication, etc. Yes, we all know she is insane. Rhetorical question.)
  • 10:13pm John It looks like she stabbed him in the back and everybody he knows stabbed him in the back for her
  • 10:14pm Dj-vj Exeris there was never any game play on her end
  • 10:14pm John That’s why he’s got PTSD
  • 10:14pm Dj-vj Exeris it was all in his head
    he played games with him self
    if that is the case
    (Author’s note – and all the witnesses imagined this also? And the voice recordings are also imaginary?)
  • 10:14pm John She left she kept telling him she ain’t come to that decision yet when he asked
    That’s game playing
    He’s got her voice on his phone
  • 10:14pm Dj-vj Exeris she asked for his lawyers name before going to India
    he wouldnt give it
  • 10:15pm John  No she didn’t he ain’t got anything saying that
  • 10:15pm Dj-vj Exeris he said he had a lawyer, but then wouldnt give their name
    sounds like he was playing games
  • 10:15pm John  He said he was pissed when he found out she was gong to India after trapping him where he never wanted to be
  • 10:16pm Dj-vj Exeris he kept posting things about being interested in other girls on his facebook page (Author’s note – Here is where the self justification and regret begin to show. See it? Yes, this is still Ania Ziolkowska, my wife, talking. I thought she was “happy”?)
  • 10:16pm John No it sounds like she was playin games
    That don’t mean nothin
    So he posted
  • 10:16pm Dj-vj Exeris to whom? yes, he did
  • 10:16pm John He was pissed
  • 10:16pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like he was playing games then
  • 10:17pm John She was playin games and he got pissed off I can see that
    Looks like she cared more about how She looked than about him
  • 10:17pm Dj-vj Exeris but he made it clear that he was over her and that he had moved on
    thats how it looked to everyone else (Author’s note – Looked to WHOM, again? She has had my page blocked since before she went to India. She just revealed what I thought and said, while everyone thought I was crazy – THAT SHE HAS HAD PEOPLE SPYING ON ME AND MAKING UP STORIES. As long as I didn’t cheat, or was discreet, was I not supposed to try to distract myself from the mess my wife left me? )
  • 10:17pm John When? Where?
  • 10:17pm

    Dj-vj Exeris no one knows that he did that just cuz he was pissed

    (Author’s note – That’s what COMMUNICATION is for, idiot. Also, note the regret? )

  • 10:18pm 

    John     Does it matter? She wasn’t talking to him, right? Still looks like she cared more about how she looked than about him

  • 10:18pm Dj-vj Exeris it matters if now he is saying that she was stringing him along, when she did nothing of the sort
  • 10:18pm John And since she would make him look bad all the time, that’s a little messed up right?
    He’s got her voice on recordings saying she’s stringing him along
  • 10:19pm Dj-vj Exeris sounds like that was an immature relationship
    and unhealthy
    like she grew up, but he hasn’t yet
  • 10:19pm John

    She keeps sayin she ain’t come to that decision yet

  • 10:19pm Dj-vj Exeris he sounds like he is still a bully
    doesnt look good for him
  • 10:19pm John But you keep putting it on him when there were two people in it
  • 10:20pm Dj-vj Exeris him still harassing her friends and family does not show her to be a bully
    it shows him to be one
    i am saying they had an unhealthy relationship
  • 10:20pm John  It looks great for him from what I can see If he’s got peeps saying she bullied him and what you’re saying that’s not looking good for her
  • 10:20pm Dj-vj Exeris she left, but maybe he should have
    either way it ended a long time ago
    but he is showing that he is still the bully by being a jerk even now
  • 10:21pm John  But who made it unhealthy? He said he’s the one that asked for marriage counselors and there’s an email where she agrees to go into treatment for something
  • 10:21pm Dj-vj Exeris so it is not looking good for him
    but thats his own fault at this point
  • 10:21pm John  See he’s got those things from her that make her look bad
    I saw the email where she agreed to go to treatment then cussed at him right after
  • 10:22pm Dj-vj Exeris as she is not doing anything hurtful to him like posting his social security info on her facebook the way he is doing to her (Author’s note – Actually, it was her new friend, Daniel K Panzer that did that. Nice choice in friends they have. I have the entire conversation, which I will link here.)
  • 10:22pm John  So she’s not looking good right now. She looking like the true cause of his mental illness.
  • 10:22pm Dj-vj Exeris does he have a mental illness?
  • 10:23pm John  She’s lucky he can’t demand a psych evaluated for divorce
  • 10:23pm Dj-vj Exeris has he been diagnosed?
  • 10:23pm John  I think she’d fail
    He showed me the paperwork from some do psychiatrist with Ab Indian name.
    And it says due to a past unresolved relationship
    Abusive relationship
    That don’t make her look good at all.
  • 10:25pm Dj-vj Exeris they were in the same relationship together
    the same stress
    the same trauma
  • 10:25pm John  Don’t look that way
  • 10:25pm Dj-vj Exeris both of them stayed for 9 years
    she left the country
    all of her friends
    to get her head straight
  • 10:26pm John Did she tell you about some bathtub incident in va?
  • seems like he still has not
    maybe he should take that trip to India?
  • 10:27pm John  He said he caught her in a bathtub with a girl half naked and she never apologized for it then she talked to the girl behind his back for a month.
    She didn’t leave the two friends that hooked you up behind though
    She’s looking like a textbook personality disorder fuck up one place and get a new start where no one knows her Gets lots of attention cuz she’s with you Sounds like NPD or ASPD to me But I’m not a doctor
    So all I’m sayin is watch your back My wife was the racy same way That’s why she went to Florida
    Either way, I just want my fuckin phone
  • 10:32pm Dj-vj Exeris Hey man, well good luck w that.
  • 10:32pm John  Not worried about it. I got insurance
  • 10:33pm Dj-vj Exeris cool
  • 10:33pm John  Yeah Thanks
  • 10:43pm John But you gotta accept he’s at least got her on adultery and you gotta look at why she was so easy to Dìp with you. When she starts asking for more shit you should take a step back I forgot to mention he knows where you live.

As for the “tons of E”…..well, all I have to say is this –

Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, January 26th, 2012

Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, January 26th, 2012

Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, January 26th, 2012

Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, January 26th, 2012

If Ania Ziolkowska WERE telling the truth (I wasn’t even on the east cost from 97-2000) I was NEVER THIS DUMB.


Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca thinks she’s a model when she’s high on MDMA


Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca thinks she’s a model when she’s high on MDMA


Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca thinks she’s a model when she’s high on MDMA

Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, infecting our cat Shiro. MDMA comes out of your pores and goes through cats pores.

Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, infecting our cat Shiro. MDMA comes out of your pores and goes through cats pores.

DSC00060 (1)

Eva Annika Backstrom high MDMA


Eva Annika Backstrom high MDMA


Eva Annika Backstrom high MDMA


Eva Annika Backstrom high MDMA


Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, infecting our cat Shiro. MDMA comes out of your pores and goes through cats pores.


Ania Ziolkowksa / Ania Anicca high on MDMA, infecting our cat Shiro. MDMA comes out of your pores and goes through cats pores.

What I find amazing is not only the hypocrisy of Chris, but also his complete gullibility, in that he believes everything Ania Ziolkowska has told him, without question. In this conversation, it’s apparent that Chris Sevanick plays a game of avoidance for subjects he knows are lies, or, basically not true. However, they have created this tale of supposed proof because it supports the Maya they have created for themselves. But, as they say –

Love is blind (and apparently deaf and illiterate as well….)

And if I am a bully, I learned it from Ania Ziolkowska, who taught me well.
I merely don’t care as much about my reputation as she does.
People will think what they wish to think, regardless.
Therefore I will remain telling the truth and being me, while she continues to lie about her part in past relationships, as Narcissistic Personality Disorders and Sociopaths are documented as doing. I mean, doesn’t he realize she down talked Charles Gudet when she first got with me as well? The problem is Charles and I are friends, and he told me what she did, in detail, right down to why he showed up at the Silver Diner in Woodbridge, Virginia, when she complained to friends about not having sex, still not recognizing that Charles was hurt by her and did not see her as sexual any longer.
Ania Ziolkowska Is Narcissistic, self absorbed, can put on a great act to get what she wants, unapologetic, and has complete disregard for the emotions of others. Why would Ania leave everything behind? Because that is textbook NPD, that’s why. Apparently he suffers from the same thing, but somehow neither of them are that good any longer. I guess you slip with age.
Chris IS a year older than me……..
A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.
~ The Dhammapada 

Ania Ziolkowska refuses to face her shadow, living in “Maya”, the illusion. All of this illustrates that refusal, that self delusion, that finding solace from her damages to others by living the lie she has convinced others she is, or has “become”.

This is “Maya”.

ADDENDUM – I have a voice recording, I believe from somewhere between November 2010 and February 2011, of Ania Ziolkowska saying

“I think I’m going to gain weight. You know, be healthy.”

While Chris believes that when Ania was hiking up and down the mountains of Nepal, with her $300 back pack and her $400 REI tent, that she gained merely 10 pounds (the weight of a baby) because

“She ate dessert three times a day for a month.”

However, Ania KNEW she was going to be fat, SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE. I wish I had been born a girl. It’s just TOO EASY.

ADDENDUM 2 –  “Maya” ( in the comments section is actually Daniel K Panzer, part of the network of spies, cyberbullies, and Flying Monkeys, that Ania Ziolkowska and Chris “Exeris” Sevanick set up in order to achieve a middle school level of slander toward me, further betraying their decline into Cluster B Personality Disorder. As with most Cluster B’s, they choose the most mentally and morally corrupt of allies. Yet it also falls within the pattern. He, Adwen Jameson, Inna Kurtser…..if they are against ME, they immediately add them as “friends” on Facebook. It’s done them more harm than good. Further reading on The Shadow. 

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72 thoughts on “Id – The ego of Maya, the Shadow

    • That seems to be the question, Maa.
      As seen above, it seems more a race to pleasure ourselves. It’s as though we forget there’s someone else with us.
      That’s what Ania did.
      She saw thins only as of she was the only one there.


      • That’s precisely what it is.
        Sadly they believe they are unique, however, humanistically they are merely average.

        Not wishing to face reality, yet somehow believing they are.

        That’s when the Id takes over practice and creates maya to make one believe they have escaped maya.

        And this is repeated not just with them, but the world round, per my friends around the world, including India as well.

        As was discussed before, the Indians follow the WESTERNERS, to choose the next great “Guru”.

        The westerners follow their Id.

        A vicious Cycle that shows there is no spirituality left in India.

        I want to go just to go, and have no desire to go for any type of “pilgrimage”

        That’s just a foolishly contrived notion, to believe one will find anything spiritually pure there any longer.


  1. I would burn this with fire and get rid of it as soon as possible.

    what I expected eventually showed in this conversation between John and Dj Exeris. cognitive dissonance used because he has the girl. his outlook is biased because he has fell for the trap and shows signs of being fixated to only her side of things rather than looking at the situation as a whole, and its gone really far when you see him believing that she is the victim and that he doesn’t accept the reality of how it effects the man who was abused and left. as you know he’s very fixated on the whole “she wasn’t in a healthy relationship so now she is, she’s moved on for the good.” line of thought

    nothing he presented carries enough weight to add up to relevance or even a theory of value to help improve anything.


    • I’m going to label this a cognitive dissonance relationship that’s everything but healthy and honest and supportive, sadly.


    • Precisely.

      You can even see the anger both Chris and Ania (who’s answering the questions asked while he typed out the response) begin to generate when trapped in their own contrived puzzle palace.

      They have conned themselves into a corner, and it’s obvious from the statements that Ania has regrets, as well as fear of being found out for who she really is.

      The way she handled all of it shows she ran instead of faced.

      And she’s still running.

      Running from herself.

      And he’s just the love sick fool to help her run.


  2. laymans musings about the more and more i think about things nowadays its so easy to an extent shirk responsibilities behind the veil of lifestyles, which i think is bullshit because all of a sudden if i decide to fuck around i can claim myself to be polyamorous, in some cases it’s almost that simple , until you get smart and go back and uncover the shit covered truth

    it’s a cycle thats been in place since the new zen and new age horseshit came about and then it a matter of being trendy rather than spiritual, same thing happened with something that was always considered taboo until recently polygamy even illegal in places now it’s acceptable after reality tv brought it to light now everyone want to cash in on it

    its easy dismiss and redirect attention by calling one crazy

    just my .02


  3. Despite your chaotic misadventure with a she devil, yet a product of slavic an eastern european diaspora where the only security they now is getting pregnate, U have used it as a good example of what Dharma will bring to you in the end…


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  5. It is so sad that we live in a world where abusers are coddled. This woman is still married to the blog owner and er new sexual partner defends her so passionatel.y. No regard or empathy fohe complicity destroys whatsoever. Even if the marriage was unstable, nothing rocks the foundation of a marriage like infidelity. No man deserves to be treated this way.


    • Very true.
      The complete hypocrisy of the words c actions, and statements of Chris Sevanick and Ania Ziolkowksa, is so ludicrous one can only laugh at it.
      It’s literally a complete illustration of cognitive dissonance on parade and in action.
      There is not one shred of empathy within them, betraying their cluster B personality disorders, yet they put themselves on display as though they are patriarch saints.


      • So sad. This woman clearly needs help. How long before she becomes a black widow? Men should be warned. A person cannot run from their true nature.How long until she runs across a less patient man? She is a danger not only to others, but also to herself.


      • That’s the sad part.
        Ania runs and recreates herself, after destroying everything and everyone where she was, rather than practicing self accountability.

        Yet has the complete arrogance to state others are not being accountable.

        In emails she talks about living a miserable lie, yet is living another lie that has caught up to her.

        However what is more sad is that the people she surrounds herself with, people I met a year before EITHER of them, seem to fall for the “poor victim” act that is a complete product of her cluster b personality disorder tool box, even betraying they hold and maintain the same disorders.

        Part of why I kept my distance from them.

        However THIS time it will result in civil legal action against the transgressors.

        And there’s nothing they can do. It’s already occurred. They cannot undue what they did, only deal with it as it happens.

        I was the less patient man, and it took ten years for me to get there.

        But Chris has shown himself to be gullible, with his nose between her legs, led by a leash.

        Humorously, he’s obsessed with her. She goes after those that pursue her.

        I pursued her, so one day she got drunk, pulled me into her room at her parents home, threw me down on the bed and mounted me, and decided we were dating, after playing hard to get.


        And she’s not that great in bed.
        Anything she knows I TAUGHT HER.

        She was literally a dead fish before I worked to loosen her up, her fighting me tooth and nail the entire time, while complaining our sex life was horrible at the same time.


  6. Wow, it’s funny how it’s totally obvious that it is your ex that is responding to you the whole time. How were they able to figure out so quickly that “John” was really you??? At one point she even slips up and says “you need a better lawyer”, haha!


    • They actually switched on and off.
      I know how she writes.

      Ania IS responding most of the time, however it’s under HIS name, so he’s condoning it, making HIM responsible.

      There are many points when it’s curt that I know it’s him.

      And you can actually “SEE” the “regret” in her responses.

      Sadly hilarious, however enough to utilize for what necessary.

      Even IF they did figure it out so quickly,though your idea of “quickly” is actually more than halfway into the conversation, they still didn’t take into account their friends are idiots.

      That I could tie their statements back to someone else’s statements, thus revealing their network of lies and SLANDER.

      Exeris – “She doesn’t even talk about you….”

      Exeris – “He did meth for 3 years”

      Inna – “Meth’s a powerful drug…”

      See, there’s no proof behind those statements. What they didn’t take into account was that I could tie everything back to someone.

      That’s where. SLANDER comes in, Daniel K Panzer (or should I call you “Maya”, of South Brunswick, NJ?)

      That’s where you show that you have the mentality of a 12 year old, where you know nothing of legality, and where you show you not only Id ego conscious dominance, but also where you are hurting them while believing you are HELPING them.

      See how that LEGALLY works?


      • Yeah! They’re gonna b in such big trouble for making Libelous statements against you to you!!! And this dude prolly has so much money from being a big name signed DJ! Score!!!


      • Not really. He’s a Psytrance DJ / producer. They don’t get booked.

        They can’t even afford a tent for this weekend, May 10th, 2013, at Banbridge Park, in NYC.
        Which is sadly hilarious, as Ania Ziolkowska had a $400 Big Agnes Tent (I have the same exact model) that she took with her.

        But it should teach them to never do what they did to ANYONE, and possible learn to live and love honestly.

        And MAYBE, FINALLY, force her and them to face that shadow she has refused to face her entire life.

        This isn’t the first time Ania has done this.
        I’m just not one to turn a blind eye like others that will, and then complain about how they hate what people do.

        When does it end?

        If you want it to end, DO something about it, as I am, rather than complain.

        Stop kissing the proverbial asses of those that wrong others, and tell them they are wrong.

        The most simple thing, yet NO ONE DOES IT.


  7. I like the set up of this post. I’m totally removed from knowing these people, but it shows exactly what you are expressing with the Id of ego. The denial and acceptance of ignorance is pretty vast, and even I find myself falling into this when dealing with loved ones that admittedly or not have problems. Its sad our culture has come to a place of denial-for-happinesss instead of truth for neutrality. Thanks again for bringing this to light with real world examples.


  8. wow… I’ve never seen such ridiculous people… and I don’t mean in the good way… like oh you’re fun and crazy… I mean ridiculous like, you make me shake my head and question the existence of humanity.
    Sounds like a pair of sociopaths to me John… sorry you have to put up with such nonsense…
    Hey… by the way… I feel for you bro. I have had my share of fucked up people dick with my life. I just want to say I’m sending you positive energy and shit. Resiliency is a great character trait. Sorry shitheads are making your life difficult.


  9. While it’s always hard to pass judgement on a situation without knowing all of the facts, it’s pretty clear in this case who is in the wrong. There is a lot of pain here.

    There are many things that are strongly indicative of the conclusions you’ve drawn, and for that reason, I don’t argue them. That being said, I think that it’s important in this case to remember that as observers, we are obligated to seek truth and only truth, and hearsay will rarely lead us down the correct path.

    If all that is posted here is true, then I’ve gotta question Ania’s motives at this point. Perhaps it is because I do not know many true sociopaths, but someone operating on that level of selfishness — a blatant and utter disregard for empathy — well, it doesn’t make sense to me.

    The personality disorders you name are aptly used in this situation. Avoidance, dissociation, narcissism — all run rampant through the obfuscation of information (which is essentially just lying). I can only hope for honesty to shine its light on the darkness of ignorance here.

    I hope that the situation works out for all parties involved — even if ‘working out for all parties’ means that someone has to pay for the mistakes they’ve made.


  10. I have to say that this is a very interesting read. The players here are involved in a web of deceit and what I like to call the “white noise”. While I will stop short of diagnosing the behavior, I will say that I believe the truth will show through as each spirit must face their own. Trust the journey.


    • Correct, all three players are active in some form of deceit or another (though it’s obvious TWO parties are active in a DESTRUCTIVE and SELFISH form of deceit….)

      And yes, the truth will out, which is one of the purpose of this entire post, forum, etc, with the side benefit of illustrating the practices of the Id ego consciousness, however sometimes some eggs must be broken to make an omelet, if you will.

      I truly appreciate your comment and view on this, Troy.

      Thank you.


  11. An Impressive piece of writing, which has been well thought out and gives an intellectual perspective of the Id of the EGO.


  12. wow. that conversation gave me a brain ache. I cant belive the mind set of some people and mind games they like to play. I really think there was three people in the conversation. I noticed the difference in typing and spelling. anyways the level of denial dj-vj is appaling. I know you didn’t place all this for people to feel sorry for you but I do see your point now. and I am truly sorry for the way you have been treated. im surprised you are still sane and able to function in the world. I am surprised you not in a padded room. stay strong and keep goin and try not to let them get you down cuz that is what they want. don’t let them win


    • Thank you.

      Yes, I will admit that like Bruce Banner’s character in “The Avengers”, I exist in a constant state of rage, due to this affair.

      And you are correct about there being three people in the discussion, as I am aware there is a point where Ania Ziolkowska took over, became upset, then had Chris Sevanick (DJ-VJ Exeris) take BACK over, due to her frustration in her inability to manipulate me, as well as her rising guilt for her actions.

      That matters not, as the points of slander still remain (they didn’t determine until halfway into it that they were actually speaking to me, this any judge will see it as intentional slander up to that point)

      However that is merely a bonus benefit to this encounter, as the real benefit is the illustration of what “Maya”, the “Illusion”, or basically “self delusion”, really is.

      Thank you for your comments and concern.


  13. I must say this is all extremely interesting. I am bookmarking this for further in depth reading later. Is this the ex partner of yours that had completely screwed your life over? 😡


    • It is.
      The two of them switched off and on in replying to the chat.
      The first lines are slanderous attempts to gain people to their side, which betrays, via a link, that it is how they have been operating clandestinely from the beginning.
      One hundred fifty percent cluster b personality disorder toolbox tactics.


  14. Wooow j’ai décroché avant la fin sérieux c’est quoi ça??? J’ai rien compris appart les mots Yin Yan mais je connais déjà ces définitions oh godess. Le Yin est simplement le côté féminin comme les cycles de la lune par exemple ou la nuit est noir et le soleil est Yan le côté masculin, le côté plus lumineux. Mais on s’entend que l’un ne va pas s’en l’autre, il faut apprendre dans la vie à danser avec son ombre autant que sa lumière 😉

    Translation –

    I got serious before the end what is it?? I did not understand the words apart Yin Yan but I already know the definitions of goddess. Yin is the feminine side just as the cycles of the moon, for example, or the night is black and Yan Sun is the masculine side, the brighter side. But it means that one will not in the other, you have to learn in life to dance with this shadow as well as its light


  15. Admittedly, I am not exactly sure how to respond to this. I don’t know the people involved and it sounds like a very detailed, complex and difficult situation. I hope something good comes out of it.


    • That’s fair.
      However the point isn’t the people, exactly, though that is what people latch on to and they are intended to be used as examples, but the practices and the illustrations of those that live in maya or illusion, while believing they do not.


  16. Would admit, that is very important topic, as many of the spirituality going ’round the globe these days (and in the past also) is missing some crutial points. That’s only because to much mind is put into work to explain the inexplicibe, thus it becames a game, and games ussualy get you swallowed. You losoe your-self there, and if not enough spirit dwells in your heart, you get stuck. Example -: “The students saw the teacher pointing at the sky, as answer to their questions of life, but they seem not to have expirienced enlightment, and thus they thought of his finger as the anwer, not the skies, that he was pointing at” – okay that was pretty free translation of an old quote.
    Have fun, jolly weekend 🙂 Just be.


  17. I’m sorry you are hurting and I’m sorry things are in such a chaotic state…. I hope you both can find some kind of closure soon so you can begin healing. It’s hard to tell just from above if the whole pregnancy thing is real… but thats a huge issue if it is real because now that would mean there is a child involved. I hope you both can find some time to actually sit and talk about that one and figure out the truth. Good luck.


  18. The last girl I dated is a classic narcissist fuck too. A few months after she fucked all my friends, she started being with this like 40 year old ugly ass dude who had money it was just sad. She left me saying I was all of her problems, I was the fuck up and I was so enthralled I believed it for a few. I slowly started to realize it afterwords though. I dunno how love can just fuck ya over, but its easy to care about someone more then ourselves….
    There is a ton of stuff in that, I cant imagine all the shit you been through….that commentary on the convo is pretty dead on. The whole diversion of attention thing and everything else I have seen it so many times….
    Solid info, Im glad that now you can identify these things. Unfortunately its a lesson most often learned the “hard way”. Id hope that maybe others can see this and learn how to identify the manipulation tactics that many use on others, its quite sad.


  19. In reading this, I am astonished as to how you stayed with someone who psychologically abused you for so long. All that is now happening is just the grand finale to a seemingly tortuous relationship. I’m sorry for all the hurt this must be causing… and am grateful to have this reminder for why I have learned to be weary of others’ motives. I doubt I will ever trust anyone enough to let them have access to my life for that long, let alone get married!


    • Thank you, Nizz.
      And yes, I unfortunately agree with your sentiment.
      The reality is that it’s not just this, for lack of better terms, “person”, but that how she / he think has become how EVERYONE thinks NOW.
      And that is the sad truth of humanity at this present moment.
      And, hilariously, these people are supposed to be Buddhist, yogic, and spiritual.

      Hilarious, isn’t it?


  20. This is very thorough! I like that there is someone with the spine to root out some of the bad stuff happening in the world. The planet needs a bit of a smack to the head to wake up.

    I think you and me both knows that sometimes one has to go to great lengths even to the gray areas of what is morally right sometimes to get people to understand.

    And as silly as it may seem, with this post you are like a masked vigilante. Only not with any particular mask but armed with words as sharp as a razor.

    A razor carrying all kinds of truth the world needs to wake up to.


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  30. Nice post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am impressed!
    Very useful info particularly the last section 🙂 I deal with such information a
    lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very long
    time. Thank you and best of luck.


    • This is interesting. Your Google +, and website check out, so let’s see where this goes.
      If you are valid, then I am glad a professional has finally been able to see narcissism from a victim’s perspective, reiterating what the narcissist has actually done, and is still doing.


  31. I was very pleased to discover this website. I need to
    to thank you for ones time just for this wonderful read!!
    I definitely liked every bit of it and i also have you saved to
    fav to check out new things on your site.


  32. First of all I want to say wonderful blog! I had a quick
    question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind.
    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing.
    I’ve had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out.
    I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the
    first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost simply just trying to figure
    out how to begin. Any ideas or hints? Many thanks!


    • In response to your question, I attempt to focus on one single incident with the subjects of the articles I write, then I take subjects I’ve found in my studies of the subject matter, in this case narcissistic sociopathy, and relate it back to the experience.

      There are several rewrites, and I have even gone back to older articles and edited them.

      Feel free to further explore the site, and see if that helps you.

      If you please, also share our blog.

      These personal experiences are made public for a few reasons, the main one being to allow others to learn whether they are in a toxic relationship with a narcissist.


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